Winter woes

You need a wood stove here for survival

You need a wood stove here for survival

Merry meet all,

Next month is Spring Equinox. I can’t wait. I have slaved over icy sidewalks, praying with each nervous step that I never break a bone. I have fallen, it is inevitable, but not seriously hurt myself. I was one of the lucky ones. The sun is shining hard today. The sunshine is welcome. The turn in the Wheel of the year shifts to the maiden, as the Crone slowly loosens her dark clutch on our world. 

I love the dark half of the year from the time of Samhain to just after December. Anything after that is just instruction in misery. January to March is the coldest harshest time of year. 

I set my story in the winter time. It added clever tension to the story. She is forced to remain in an unsettling haunted house that is more tomb than home. Only I tried to make it authentic at the same time. I love authenticity. The weather conditions force her to remain there and solve the mystery of the ghost’s death. I know what it is like there in the winter and I last visited in the cold season in April. 

The house was so cold my lips were blue when I woke up. No exaggeration. The wood stove only heated 2 rooms in the house on the first floor. I gathered wood before my first morning coffee. There is a way to gather wood. You need to gather seasoned wood, or dry wood, and if you bring wet wood in, you need to let it dry. You can store wood to dry in your home, if you have a small shed or a back porch. We stored the wild brush in milk crates and other crates. We had to ration the wood too. You need a wood stove to survive there and a car. There is no gas station in Pleasant Bay so you have to have gas in your car to be able to drive over the mountains to Cheticamp. I hope these details I gave to the story lend authenticity to the novel. 

I am also working on a short horror fiction story. Wish me luck!!


Blessings, Lady Spiderwitch )O(


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