The magic of death )O(


Merry meet all,

The moon is waxing and is in its second quarter phase, growing to a full moon. The full moon shines on April 4th. I plan to do a powerful full moon rite that night. That is a good time to cleanse your crystals. Use white and silver candles and a white or deep blue altar cloth. 

 The snow has extended its rude visit. Spring feels far away. I left bird seed for the poor birds who must be having a hard time finding sustenance. My familiars have plenty of food. Penny keeps me on my toes or witch shoes. Speaking of witch shoes, I have vowed to always wear something witchy every day of the year. I put my jeans away, which zap the magic out of me. I plan to buy more witchy attire in the near future. I feel better in my witchy gear. I want to be my true authentic self. I like being authentic and feel better about it. I just bought myself a beautiful pleather coat on sale. I have a pair of black granny boots now that lace up and zipper. I will be rocking it hard core once this cursed snow all mets. I think winter is trying to stick around forever. 

I also can’t wait to get to have a copy of the upcoming Bast devotional anthology, of which I contributed to. I just adopted a cat named Penny. She is a Norwegian Forest Cat and she is so sweet. Bast is the goddess of all cats. I bought a beautiful magickal black cat t-shirt with a gorgeous print on the shirt and made an altar cloth from it. It is in honor of Penny. The altar cloth is in the photo above. 

For those of you who wish to communicate with your loved ones who have passed on and aren’t sure how to, then other than reading my blogs, consider reading the book The Witches Book of the Dead by Christian Day. I like him and I like his book. The book tells you in real detail what to do. It is all too much for me to write here. The book is wonderful and will instruct you how to do a ritual to convene with the dead. I see nothing wrong with that. When my grandfather passed, it was an emotional time. But I sensed he was at peace. If I wanted to, I could call on him-respectfully. But the book is a goddess send for those who are serious. 

As most of you know, I’m a Witch. I am also a reluctant magnet for the dead. I have been giving things some thought here and decided to write this note. This note is a request for help. I have been thinking a lot over and I couldn’t conclude things by myself. Ok…

I have had a few experiences that were freaky and that I can’t understand. I hear about people being contacted by their relatives that have passed on. OK all fine and good. When my aunt passed, I sensed a presence behind me that night. When my pets have passed on, they have visited me. When my grandfather passed, I sensed he was at peace. When my father passed, even though the caller was 10000s of miles away and I never knew him, I knew what the caller would tell my mother who was on the phone with him. Yes he had passed away and I hope that that troubled soul found peace. I have sensed presences at the Five Fishermen Restaurant and at the Citadel Hill Ghost Tour. That tour was scary. I don’t know if you would like to be exploring a tunnel at night with someone’s cell phone light the only light to guide your way and your spine doing the terrified mambo the entire time.

Now. That is all good. OK. But I have had a few freakin terrifying experiences and I wonder why they happened. I would not try to attract that to me. No way. I would not try to do it with intent. But I mean, it was like something out of Poltergeist. The nightmare I experienced during sleep paralysis and please tell me, this was only a result of paralysis during sleep and just a fear from the experience.But the thing’ was downright EVIL. So I think what I am asking is if it was a dream or was something evil trying to overpower me or contact me via a nightmare? I was approached by a nasty spirit one night at home after watching a movie. Maybe it is because I can sense energies that they are drawn to me like a moth to a flame? I have completed psychic training but when it comes to somethings, it is not enough. I saw a dark shadow person in my apt, a ghost cat, and I feel the hairs on my neck go up at night in the bathroom. A tenant here told me she sensed something in her room here too.

I do cleanse my house, I do keep good energy, I do smudge and sage and I believed that I had setup enough adequate shields and protections here. But I think if something wants to, it will find a way in. Of course, the next logical step is to perform a banishing and cleansing. I also like to steep sage tea in a teapot and pour it all around the perimeter of the property, something I am behind in doing. Well I don’t want sage from Israel, I want locally grown sage. I plan to get some soon at the market. 

Not to mention that seeing the dead probably robs you of a chance at a happy relationship. With a living potential partner. I have my familiars. They love me if I feed them.

The top magickal tool to protect  yourself with is sage. I just recently picked up some sage. It is good to have around to protect yourself. 


Lady Spiderwitch )O(



Paranormal Experiences

door study

The Attic door in our former Victorian home

Merry Meet All, I ate greasy fries and watched a few paranormal videos tonight. I just joined a Facebook group Haunts from the Cape. They mean haunts from my favourite place in the world, Cape Breton, next to Halifax as my favorite place. I clicked on a video link about the Bell Witch. Then I stumbled onto another cool video. I enjoyed the video but I was never scared by the video. How much of it was true and how much was fake? That is the question. 

But I can tell you now about my true experiences. I want to say that 1) I wish these occurrences weren’t true. I get scared too. I get stressed too. Oh yes. I used to live in a Victorian house with my Mother as I was growing up. The house was haunted. I want to share the experiences we- yes, we all had in the house. I allow you to decide for yourselves what happened but I can say it is true. I am so glad to have moved out of the house due to the ghostly activity that is, until I moved in here. I have a cat now. Maybe the spooks will scram. Ha ha

We used to have a back porch. I used to try to open the door only to feel something resist on the other side. I waited and it, whatever it was, would let go. Then I would open the door.  I saw lights go upward, not down, but up the fireplace mantel.  My brother and sister used to feel like we were being chased by something invisible as we raced up the basement stairs. Interestingly enough, I found myself including that in the paranormal novel I wrote. It just felt natural to include it. Then we painted the basement and it ceased. I also saw the number 6 written on the basement walls when we moved in.  My brother Jesse was renovating the house and he says he felt watched all day. We did major renovations to the house. 

One night after an evening of partying and bawdy revelry at our favorite bar, my friends and I trudged home and crashed. We all slept in the living room. My friend reported seeing little lights  falling as he fell asleep in the chair.  The attic door in the attic- well, that should be in a Hollywood horror movie. The room was meant for the servants (I think I was my Mom’s main servant but that is another story.) The door was hard to open and close by a mortal hand but it opened and closed on its own. I mean, you had to use your strength to open or close this door. The small attic room was too small for me to stand upright in. In the summer, it was sweltering hot and in the winter, it was Bone Chilling Cold. I hated it in there. I used to do everything in my power to avoid going up in the attic. I was too scared. I hardly ever spent the night up there in all the time I lived in that house. No way 

My clairvoyant friends used to come over to and tell me about the ghosts they saw in my house. One was of a cat and the other of a rocking chair and one friend saw an old lady who wore a pink cardigan with grey hair in a bun.  My Mom claims but she now denies that once time the bathtub- claw-footed, poured water on its own. I remember just after we moved in, the long nights when I used to lie perfectly still in my bed and every hair on my body upright and I would listen to noises when I knew damn well every one was in bed. I heard knocks, whispers. I used to open the basement door at night and something would hush. The basement would look so dark- a black bottomless hole. Trust me, it was freaky.

We found blue glass in the garden while we lived there which probably ended up in our yard due to the Halifax Explosion.  I lived in Edmonton years before I moved to Halifax with my family. I remember feeling something behind me as I lay in my bed the night my aunt Jeannie passed. Was it her spirit saying goodbye? I will never know. I remember when my Mother received a phone call that my father (thank the Goddess) had passed away. He was an abusive alcoholic. The caller was millions of miles away but I knew what the call was about and what the caller was telling my Mother without knowing how I could have known. It freaks even me out too. 

Remember that I live in a city known for its ghostly history. So this is nothing new here. If you want to know more, you can read the previous posts on this blog and on my main blog Broomsticks & Cauldrons. I discuss Halifax’s spooky history in more detail.  I now live in an old house that is around 80 years old. I don’t know if this place is haunted or not. But I have seen a ghost cat in my apartment and not too long ago I saw a dark shadow. OK a ghost cat I can take but that shadow was too much for me. It was dark and practically walked through a wall. If my chair was not so solid, I would have fallen through the chair. I cleansed and smudged my home.  I am not the type of person who would risk humiliating herself on a blog.So everything I have written here is true but I respect my readers. You can decide for yourselves. I will talk more about how to psychically protect yourself in future posts. So don’t be scared and please keep reading!!   Blessed be, Lady Spiderwitch )O(

Mystery of Trees

Dead trees pic

Merry meet all,

I took this photo in Pleasant Bay. I think it perfectly captures the essence of the place. The beauty is lonely and haunting. The photo captures your attention. The milky white bough arches gracefully across, barring your way from untold mysteries. The fallen trees and dead leaves portray death and decay. The photo makes you believe in phantoms, ghosts and the fae. There is an orb in the lower left corner. 

I walked through those woods. An old creepy energy fills the place up and it fills you heart. I could not help but feel how old this place was in my very bones. I also used this setting in my ghost story. It seems appropriate. The white bough seems ghostly in contrast to the darker wood in the photo. The image in arresting and unsettling. The image of the orb also tells me I was not alone when I explored those woods. I didn’t see the orb till I developed the picture. But I do love this photo. 

In the story, Rosemary enters that setting to do a meditation to end her grief over her husband. She tries to meet the Crone in the meditation to help her with her goal of releasing her grief over Henry near the novel’s end. 

The image above enchants me every time I look at it. I love being there. Pinccones and twigs snap underfoot, the air smells of spruce, and the ocean rumbles in the distance. Squirrels chatter and moose eat bark off of the fruit trees. The wind blows through the trees. The ocean stretches out as far as you can see. The mountains loom around you. How can you not love a place like that?

In the winter, the seals give birth on the pack ice. The pack ice chunks hit each other. You can actually walk down to the water and hear yourself think down there. It is wonderful. It is a stark contrast to the rat race pace of life in the city. 

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Blessed Be, Lady Spiderwitch )O(

WInter in Woods


Merry meet all,

Winter stubbornly lingers on. Just when i thought spring was coming, we were assaulted with another snowstorm. I never left the house yesterday.  I’ve had enough. 

I can imagine winter in Pleasant Bay right  now. They had a record 59 centimetres of snow fall. While the moose would feast on tree bark, squirrels and other critters might find food scarce. I’m in Halifax right now. But I know the place so well. I feel sorry for the chickadees that visit the feeder. The bird seed is buried under snow right now. They were feeding on the seeds. Winter is a harsh season and I have yet to understand how the wildlife survives. They must find food somehow. 

The ice would be on the ocean surface right now. The pack ice won’t clear till spring. Even in April, it is bitterly cold there. The strong suet winds can knock a car over. I never visit in the winter though April is not bad. 

Pleasant Bay is a great place for a maritime ghost story. I don’t know why people haven’t set a ghost story there yet. I guess I was meant to. The rugged coastlines, rugged mountains, and the howling help create the atmosphere. The isolation creates the appropriate feeling. The natural setting in the country makes it perfect for a ghost story. I like a psychological horror story rather than cheaping out and relying on tons of blood and guts to fill a horror story. I like a story that is suspenseful and quiet. I think it is more tense than blatant gross out. We have a saying here in Nova Scotia: For every wave that washes in, there is a ghost story. It is true. My story is fiction but if you read the past posts, you can read about Nova Scotia’s history. We take our maritime haunted history here for granted. 

The Great Fire of 1947 is a part of history. My grandparents were married then. Pleasant Bay recovered from the fire and is still beautiful. The Cape Breton Highlands National Park casts a spell on your heart when you’re not mindful. That spell lasts all seasons there. I do prefer to visit Pleasant Bay from spring to fall. The serene peaceful town is most beautiful then. 

Blessed Be, Lady Spiderwitch 

Squirrels in the wood pile again



Merry meet all,

In Pleasant Bay, the pack ice still coats the ocean surface. Everyone would be seated in front of the wood stoves, with knitted shawls warming their shoulders, and sipping hot tea from their mugs. Woodpeckers pecking at the house walls and moose straining to the upper branches to feast on fruit tree bark. It is almost impossible to grow fruit trees there because moose want the bark. I miss the wood stove. 

The rabbits’ fur turns white in the winter there. But somehow the critters and the people there manage to survive the cold winter there. There is no grocery store or gas station or hospital. It is a long drive over the mountain. So you have to be mindful and careful. The snowplow doesn’t come often to Pleasant Bay. We have to be actually tell them where Pleasant Bay is. So if the snow isn’t plowed, you go nowhere- for a few days. 

There are ways to amuse yourself. You can go snowshoeing, skiing, hiking, watch the eagles fly over the ocean, and go on long meditative walks. You can chop wood for fire, learn how to play crib  or just relax and watch the fire burn in the wood stove. I like to be outdoors though. You can shovel snow and maybe collect sap from the trees or watch the wildlife. See? things to do. I can saw wood, stack wood and collect wood. I wonder how many people do that, in our increasingly hectic rat race society. Today people send text messages. Wel I have never sent anyone a text message. But I have survival skills. I can ride horses and grow my own food. I like to think I am ahead of the game. 

You have to conserve your wood supply for the wood stove too. Don’t use it all up at once. You have to let the wet wood dry out, even damp wood. A real big log can take a long time to burn. sometimes two days to burn. So you have to consider that and the size of the wood stove inside it and that it may be better to burn small or medium sized logs. All this plays a part in heating your home and staying alive. 

Don’t freak out if you see sawbugs. They have roamed the earth since the time of the dinosaurs. The ash that burns from the logs should get shifted or stirred in the wood stove. This helps the next log to burn. 

I don’t know how a person could ever be bored. I hope I have shown you that there is lots to do in a tiny community of 300 people. The tiny fishing village is where I grew up. 

It is awesome to get to escape to the country to remember yourselves, hear yourself think and watch the amazing power of nature. 

Blessed Be, Lady Spiderwitch )O(

March Ides



Merry meet all,

March is here. Now can we relax? I sure hope so. I am not 100% certain I can keep my tightrope walking over ice sheeted sidewalks anymore. The Spring Equinox heralds spring this month. Oh finally. So I look forward to spring’s arrival and the beginning of Daylight Savings Time. Also, the Full Moon occurs in a few days. 

The return of spring signals the changing of the seasons. The Crone loosens her cold wizened hold on winter as she transforms to the Maiden. Ostara is a few weeks away. It is  a while away before I see my spring bulbs of crocuses, snowdrops and tulips emerge. I can wait, knowing the snow will claw back and  the earth will grow a new green skin like it has since time immemorial. 

But with this massive change, it means that the dark half of the year is passing. I always feel sad though the tulips that push out from the cold muddy earth cheers my heart. I feel like I can do more ‘dark’ stuff at this time of year, such as work on horror fiction, meditate on my ancestors, and cook dishes using root vegetables and cook thick meaty soups meant to protect my health from Jack Frost. I have mixed feelings about this change. But the return of spring and summer is inevitable. I shall welcome the change. Change is the only constant. 

But fear not, I shall still post here. Till spring, keep warm, take your vitamins and watch this blog for more paranormal posts!!

Blessings, Lady Spiderwitch )O(


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