March Ides



Merry meet all,

March is here. Now can we relax? I sure hope so. I am not 100% certain I can keep my tightrope walking over ice sheeted sidewalks anymore. The Spring Equinox heralds spring this month. Oh finally. So I look forward to spring’s arrival and the beginning of Daylight Savings Time. Also, the Full Moon occurs in a few days. 

The return of spring signals the changing of the seasons. The Crone loosens her cold wizened hold on winter as she transforms to the Maiden. Ostara is a few weeks away. It is  a while away before I see my spring bulbs of crocuses, snowdrops and tulips emerge. I can wait, knowing the snow will claw back and  the earth will grow a new green skin like it has since time immemorial. 

But with this massive change, it means that the dark half of the year is passing. I always feel sad though the tulips that push out from the cold muddy earth cheers my heart. I feel like I can do more ‘dark’ stuff at this time of year, such as work on horror fiction, meditate on my ancestors, and cook dishes using root vegetables and cook thick meaty soups meant to protect my health from Jack Frost. I have mixed feelings about this change. But the return of spring and summer is inevitable. I shall welcome the change. Change is the only constant. 

But fear not, I shall still post here. Till spring, keep warm, take your vitamins and watch this blog for more paranormal posts!!

Blessings, Lady Spiderwitch )O(


Links: Don’t read these before going to bed!! Warning!!


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