WInter in Woods


Merry meet all,

Winter stubbornly lingers on. Just when i thought spring was coming, we were assaulted with another snowstorm. I never left the house yesterday.  I’ve had enough. 

I can imagine winter in Pleasant Bay right  now. They had a record 59 centimetres of snow fall. While the moose would feast on tree bark, squirrels and other critters might find food scarce. I’m in Halifax right now. But I know the place so well. I feel sorry for the chickadees that visit the feeder. The bird seed is buried under snow right now. They were feeding on the seeds. Winter is a harsh season and I have yet to understand how the wildlife survives. They must find food somehow. 

The ice would be on the ocean surface right now. The pack ice won’t clear till spring. Even in April, it is bitterly cold there. The strong suet winds can knock a car over. I never visit in the winter though April is not bad. 

Pleasant Bay is a great place for a maritime ghost story. I don’t know why people haven’t set a ghost story there yet. I guess I was meant to. The rugged coastlines, rugged mountains, and the howling help create the atmosphere. The isolation creates the appropriate feeling. The natural setting in the country makes it perfect for a ghost story. I like a psychological horror story rather than cheaping out and relying on tons of blood and guts to fill a horror story. I like a story that is suspenseful and quiet. I think it is more tense than blatant gross out. We have a saying here in Nova Scotia: For every wave that washes in, there is a ghost story. It is true. My story is fiction but if you read the past posts, you can read about Nova Scotia’s history. We take our maritime haunted history here for granted. 

The Great Fire of 1947 is a part of history. My grandparents were married then. Pleasant Bay recovered from the fire and is still beautiful. The Cape Breton Highlands National Park casts a spell on your heart when you’re not mindful. That spell lasts all seasons there. I do prefer to visit Pleasant Bay from spring to fall. The serene peaceful town is most beautiful then. 

Blessed Be, Lady Spiderwitch 


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