Mystery of Trees

Dead trees pic

Merry meet all,

I took this photo in Pleasant Bay. I think it perfectly captures the essence of the place. The beauty is lonely and haunting. The photo captures your attention. The milky white bough arches gracefully across, barring your way from untold mysteries. The fallen trees and dead leaves portray death and decay. The photo makes you believe in phantoms, ghosts and the fae. There is an orb in the lower left corner. 

I walked through those woods. An old creepy energy fills the place up and it fills you heart. I could not help but feel how old this place was in my very bones. I also used this setting in my ghost story. It seems appropriate. The white bough seems ghostly in contrast to the darker wood in the photo. The image in arresting and unsettling. The image of the orb also tells me I was not alone when I explored those woods. I didn’t see the orb till I developed the picture. But I do love this photo. 

In the story, Rosemary enters that setting to do a meditation to end her grief over her husband. She tries to meet the Crone in the meditation to help her with her goal of releasing her grief over Henry near the novel’s end. 

The image above enchants me every time I look at it. I love being there. Pinccones and twigs snap underfoot, the air smells of spruce, and the ocean rumbles in the distance. Squirrels chatter and moose eat bark off of the fruit trees. The wind blows through the trees. The ocean stretches out as far as you can see. The mountains loom around you. How can you not love a place like that?

In the winter, the seals give birth on the pack ice. The pack ice chunks hit each other. You can actually walk down to the water and hear yourself think down there. It is wonderful. It is a stark contrast to the rat race pace of life in the city. 

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Blessed Be, Lady Spiderwitch )O(


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