The magic of death )O(


Merry meet all,

The moon is waxing and is in its second quarter phase, growing to a full moon. The full moon shines on April 4th. I plan to do a powerful full moon rite that night. That is a good time to cleanse your crystals. Use white and silver candles and a white or deep blue altar cloth. 

 The snow has extended its rude visit. Spring feels far away. I left bird seed for the poor birds who must be having a hard time finding sustenance. My familiars have plenty of food. Penny keeps me on my toes or witch shoes. Speaking of witch shoes, I have vowed to always wear something witchy every day of the year. I put my jeans away, which zap the magic out of me. I plan to buy more witchy attire in the near future. I feel better in my witchy gear. I want to be my true authentic self. I like being authentic and feel better about it. I just bought myself a beautiful pleather coat on sale. I have a pair of black granny boots now that lace up and zipper. I will be rocking it hard core once this cursed snow all mets. I think winter is trying to stick around forever. 

I also can’t wait to get to have a copy of the upcoming Bast devotional anthology, of which I contributed to. I just adopted a cat named Penny. She is a Norwegian Forest Cat and she is so sweet. Bast is the goddess of all cats. I bought a beautiful magickal black cat t-shirt with a gorgeous print on the shirt and made an altar cloth from it. It is in honor of Penny. The altar cloth is in the photo above. 

For those of you who wish to communicate with your loved ones who have passed on and aren’t sure how to, then other than reading my blogs, consider reading the book The Witches Book of the Dead by Christian Day. I like him and I like his book. The book tells you in real detail what to do. It is all too much for me to write here. The book is wonderful and will instruct you how to do a ritual to convene with the dead. I see nothing wrong with that. When my grandfather passed, it was an emotional time. But I sensed he was at peace. If I wanted to, I could call on him-respectfully. But the book is a goddess send for those who are serious. 

As most of you know, I’m a Witch. I am also a reluctant magnet for the dead. I have been giving things some thought here and decided to write this note. This note is a request for help. I have been thinking a lot over and I couldn’t conclude things by myself. Ok…

I have had a few experiences that were freaky and that I can’t understand. I hear about people being contacted by their relatives that have passed on. OK all fine and good. When my aunt passed, I sensed a presence behind me that night. When my pets have passed on, they have visited me. When my grandfather passed, I sensed he was at peace. When my father passed, even though the caller was 10000s of miles away and I never knew him, I knew what the caller would tell my mother who was on the phone with him. Yes he had passed away and I hope that that troubled soul found peace. I have sensed presences at the Five Fishermen Restaurant and at the Citadel Hill Ghost Tour. That tour was scary. I don’t know if you would like to be exploring a tunnel at night with someone’s cell phone light the only light to guide your way and your spine doing the terrified mambo the entire time.

Now. That is all good. OK. But I have had a few freakin terrifying experiences and I wonder why they happened. I would not try to attract that to me. No way. I would not try to do it with intent. But I mean, it was like something out of Poltergeist. The nightmare I experienced during sleep paralysis and please tell me, this was only a result of paralysis during sleep and just a fear from the experience.But the thing’ was downright EVIL. So I think what I am asking is if it was a dream or was something evil trying to overpower me or contact me via a nightmare? I was approached by a nasty spirit one night at home after watching a movie. Maybe it is because I can sense energies that they are drawn to me like a moth to a flame? I have completed psychic training but when it comes to somethings, it is not enough. I saw a dark shadow person in my apt, a ghost cat, and I feel the hairs on my neck go up at night in the bathroom. A tenant here told me she sensed something in her room here too.

I do cleanse my house, I do keep good energy, I do smudge and sage and I believed that I had setup enough adequate shields and protections here. But I think if something wants to, it will find a way in. Of course, the next logical step is to perform a banishing and cleansing. I also like to steep sage tea in a teapot and pour it all around the perimeter of the property, something I am behind in doing. Well I don’t want sage from Israel, I want locally grown sage. I plan to get some soon at the market. 

Not to mention that seeing the dead probably robs you of a chance at a happy relationship. With a living potential partner. I have my familiars. They love me if I feed them.

The top magickal tool to protect  yourself with is sage. I just recently picked up some sage. It is good to have around to protect yourself. 


Lady Spiderwitch )O(




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