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The Addams Family Musical Play


Merry meet all,

This weekend I had the privilege of going to a musical production of The Addams Family. 

I was at the amazing, the mind-blowing, the earth-shattering The Addams Family play. The play was better than all the movies. I was just stunned. The topnotch quality was like nothing I ever saw before. I loved and laughed with every minute of it. The sets were amazing, the costumes were just as amazing as the play, and the actors were so talented it came out of their ears and everywhere else. My jaw was dropped to the floor at their talent the entire play. I just wish the lady in yellow dress didn’t sing like the cat died at that one moment. But Gomez and Morticia Addams danced and Puglsey was tortured by Wednesday. She fell in love- with a normal person- gasp! She wore yellow! It was quite a night. I was terrified of the balcony steps and getting to my seat but I managed to control my fear because the play made my terror of the high steps more than worth it!!!! Cara mia!!

The theatre was also decorated for the play. Cobwebs hung in the air, and a statue of Thing and the hand  were on display as well as a gargoyle statue. I had a wonderful time that night. I have two vouchers remaining so I get to see the play again. I will repost then with more detail. Until then, remember: “Living or dead, they are still family.” The Addams Family honoured their ancestors. The ancestors were seen in the play. Family values matter to The Addams Family!!

Blessed Be, Lady Spiderwitch )O(


And now, for your ghoulish reading pleasure……………


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Being awake to Life


Merry meet all,

In the latest post I talked about clairvoyance and ESP. Today I’m posting about how to deal with being clairvoyant if you are around people who don’t understand you. I say this because I have seen it time and again. 

It is not as hard as you think. Society has conditioned us to think a particular way, live a certain way, and behave a certain way. We hardly even question it anymore. But therein lies the problem. Should we question it? Should we fearlessly strike out and be our true selves/ My answer is a resounding YES. 

If you are, you are able to tune into your clairvoyant abilities with more success. You are able to raise your vibrations to higher frequencies. This allows you to manifest your dreams and attract abundance in your life, which you have a right to. 

Society has pressured conformity on us. I walk into Walmart and instantly my skin crawls and I need a ‘shower’. It is a breeding zone of so much parasitic negative energy. I hate it there. I try to visit that store as little as possible. It is one example of lower vibrational energy. Try to go to places that fill your heart and soul and call to your soul. I try to support the quaint and charming small independent bookstore and shops that are trying to compete with bigger companies. 

People who are so obviously operating on a lower vibrational energy can yank you off your psychic ‘cord’, so to speak. They try to pull you down with them. I have been there. They don’t believe in magic or mediumistic ability. They don’t support it and they live their mundane lives. I actually always feel sorry for them they are not aware of what exists in the Universe or what could be existent for them. They are a challenge. I often smudge myself after being around certain people. It helps rid me of their residual negative energy. 

Pay attention to how you feel when you are around certain people and places. I do and I also record my feelings in a journal. This not only can validate an experience for you and help you note any progress you are making. 

If you can follow all this, and pay attention to how you feel, and try to operate on a consistent higher vibrational energy level, it gets easier over time. it allows you to be your Higher self which is a good thing, and it can actually help improve your health. I have noticed that when I am around a certain negative individual I feel ill. When I leave then, my health improves instantly. I have observed this and noted it down. You improve with practice. It soon becomes second nature.

Eat a good healthy diet, be kind to animals, and be good to the earth. Soon you will notice for example, if you have a garden, that you have little helpers. They defend my garden with a vengeance. I am talking about faeries and nature spirits. I have a garden. A tenant had to power clean the house. Not only was I angered by his insensitive noise and communication. But the faeries were angered by what he did to the garden. I actually had to go outside with smudge and reassure them it was ok and smudge the garden. I didn’t see any faeries but I sure sensed their presence and high emotional state. Not kidding. Rod operated on a lower vibrational energy level. He has since moved. 

Stay awake to life. I know it’s easier said than done. Be aware. Go on long nature walks. Spring is almost here. You will be glad you did. Now is the time to plan your garden. 

Blessed Be, Lady Spiderwitch )O(

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Sixth Sense

la cat

Merry meet all,

Clairvoyance is a popular topic amongst Wiccans and Pagans. It takes a great deal of concentration and skill to maintain Extra-Sensory Perception (ESP). Anyone can start practicing these skills today. 

Wicca suggests that an altered state of consciousness in order to connect with the divine, can be done by each and every individual. Some people do require more practice than others. The ones who need practice need to get used to operating at a higher vibration than others. The ones who are used to it already do operate at a higher vibration. 

On top of concentration, meditation, will and focus, a practitioner may need an external item such as crystals, candles, an animal, as well as various other objects. Other items may include a wand, deck of dedicated tarot cards, an athame. Various plants and gemstones that possess Magickal properties. Some practitioners only need their mind. 

Clairvoyance, or Extra-Sensory Perception, are fundamentally what practitioners of Magick try to do without the use of any magickal tools. They have a natural talent for scrying or performing other divinations. Those who possess this ability are seen sometimes by others as supernatural or paranormal, when there might be nothing paranormal or odd about them at all. 

The ability to see events without any of the five senses is the general description of Extra-Sensory Perception. Clairvoyance is the premier category. ESP is essentially the sixth sense, the third eye that allows an individual to live their daily life with some foreknowledge. 

Here is an example of what happened to me:

I was at home one night with my family when I was overcome by powerful emotions. I had the intense feeling of something strongly kicking me in the stomach, like a quarterback kicking a football across a field. I felt intense pain and had a vision of Thompson, my brother’s friend, bent over in pain and surrounded by a red and orange glow or light. I then had an extremely strong sense that he was in deep trouble. I knew with absolute certainty Thompson was sick without knowing how I knew what I knew. 15 minutes later, Thompson arrived sick and in pain, as I had envisioned him to be. His kidneys had failed him. His father would not take him to the hospital but his mother came and the four of them, (Mom, Jesse, Thompson and his mother) all went to the hospital together. I now knows it was intuition and spirit telling me what I had to know. I was feeling the pain that Thompson was experiencing as he approached the house where I lived with my family.

This experience frightened me a bit. I was just finding out I was that intuitive. I didn’t understand then and I understand now. It all started then. We all have the ability. Some people accept it and others aren’t yet aware. Study and learn all you can. This will aid you in developing your clairvoyant talents. 

Blessed Be, Lady Spiderwitch )O(

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Merry meet all,

To honour the dead, it helps to have a few tools. Not only your will, concentration, intent and focus, but tools. Your own hand can serve as an athame or wand. They both represent the will, the Element of Air. You can use that and there is nothing wrong with it nor nothing as powerful as a Witch’s will. 

However, tools can be used to focus and direct your will while during rituals/ spells. Here are some awesome tools to use for your spellworkings:

Athame- an athame is used to direct energy like when you are creating a pentacle in the air for invoking or a banishing. 

Valkyrie Athame

Wand- A wand works very similar to an athame. I have a wand that was saved from the Hurricane Juan. I wood burned a snake onto the wood and carved winding Celtic designs on the wand. I carefully painted the wand. It’s beautiful. A wood burner is also an excellent craft tool to own. You can work a cool design onto anything. 


Candles- If you are holding a seance, or honouring your ancestors, candles are the best tool. You can carve words or symbols into candles. You can cut the wax and tuck paper inside to strengthen the power of the spell. You can use any shape or size or colour of candle. For these workings, I would recommend deep blue candles, black candles, purple or white. Deep blue symbolizes depth, the water element, and the darkness of the Underworld. Deep blue always makes me think of the ocean depths. Black is the sum of all colors. Purple candles symbolize spirituality and royalty. White is the best colour for spirit. 


Altar cloth- Use a dark coloured altar cloth. Black is ideal. It is easy to make your own. Purchase a meter or a half-meter of material from your local thrifty fabric store. Hem the edges and decorate it. I plan to sew myself a black altar cloth for the fall season. I want to add tassels, fringe, lining and silver moons to a square of black velveteen. Velveteen is not as expensive as velvet. You don’t need to break the bank to have cool altar tools. I know. I confess to splurging $70 on a cool athame from Sacred Mists. 

A cauldron- for scrying, for burning resins and incenses. 

A photo of a loved one who has passed on. Keep the picture on your altar. A skull. I have a skull of an animal that I found on a hike. A ceramic skull or an actual skull will suffice. 


Herbs- Sage, cedar, frankincense, rosemary, lavender, mugwort, salt, a dish of earth, myrrh. These herbs are good for purifying your space and self before an seance. Sandalwood has a beautiful scent. Grow your own herbs and make your own smudge wands from them. I grow organic mugwort in my garden. I also grow lavender, sage, and I might try rosemary again. Growing your own herbs reduces the chance of harmful chemicals being present in the herbs. You also help the earth when you grow the herbs and can put your own energy into making your own smudge sticks. I know this isn’t possible for everyone though. A seashell or small bowl for holding water or salt is good to have at hand. A feather can be used to fan the smoke from the smudge sticks. 

A statue of a deity or god/ goddess, a crystal ball for scrying, and a besom for sweeping away any negative energy out of your ritual area are good to have at hand. 

BOS – Record your experiences, rituals and spells in your Book of Shadows. Over time, you can check your progress and may find you have started a whole new tradition!

These tools will aid you in your magickal workings. Take care of them. Keep them clean and keep them on your altar at all times. They will absorb all energy that they are sent and that they collect from being on the altar. If you make your own candles, if possible, they will also be filled with your intent and energy. Always allow a candle to burn for an hour during it’s first use. The candle wax forms a memory ring. The wick must also be centered in the candle or the candle will never burn properly. Be sure to program the candle with the purpose of the spell. 

Blessed Be, Lady Spiderwitch )O(


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Witch in Style


Merry meet all,

This post is about what to wear during a ritual. I am a sucker for costume wear. I am the one girl who flips the sewing pattern catalogues to that often overlooked costume section to peruse there. I have sewn gowns, cloaks, robes, and altar cloths for myself. I designed my own costume wear because it does make a difference. 

My Mother is a seamstress and she taught me everything I know about sewing. I live near a fabric store. I haunt Fabricville for helpful information and fabric and supplies. The image of the Witch in black with broom in hand is common. But there is something to wearing black. It can affect how you feel. 

I may speak for myself here but I never wear jeans during ritual ever. I always wear something special. Perhaps some people practice skyclad and that is up to them. But I do what works for me. Jeans erase any smidgen of magick and I always wear them sparingly whether I am in ritual or not. A special outfit and this includes makeup, and jewelry has an affect on how you feel. 

So be bold and celebrate your uniqueness! Wear black or all white or purple,. Purple makes me feel magickal too. Every colour has a meaning. The fabric you wear should feel good on you too. It should conform to your body. It has to feel comfortable. Also, avoid long billowing sleeves if you are burning candles. I myself was caught on fire when I wore my black spiderweb shawl I made myself. The frilly edges of the shawl was caught by the flames. I don’t recommend it. Have a pitcher of water or a fire extinguisher nearby. 

In this post, you will learn how to make a Witch costume. It is easy to do and affordable. A sewing machine is required. The costume is a dress that you pull over your head. Buy two to three meters of black cotton fabric. Always have more fabric than you need. Buy some good quality black thread too. The pattern is in the photo shown above.

The pattern that was used was McCall’s costume #3334. I do not know if that pattern is available now. You may be able to find the pattern on Ebay. It is so easy to do you may not need a pattern. Cut out the pattern pieces and keep them in one pile.

Sew two sides- the back and the front- of the fabric material and stitch them together. Always press after you stitch. This makes sewing your garment much easier and ensures a good result. Sew on the long black sleeves. They should be a bit longer than your arms. Turn the garment right side out and trim any loose threads. Press again. The pattern calls for a wide collar. Sew the collar and turn the edges under or make them jagged! Here is the fun part: make the hem jagged and the hem of the sleeves and the collar. Make smaller jagged edging at the collar.

Pull the costume over your head and see if it fits you properly. Make sure it fits you and if it doesn’t, make some adjustments. You want to feel good and comfortable in the costume.

love spiders. My Craft name is Spiderwitch. I live in harmony with spiders. They are one of my totem animals. They are amazing arachnids. I love observing fresh dew on spiderwebs in my garden. The dew drops on a web look ethereal. 

That’s why I selected the spiderweb lace material for the shawl. I will tell you how I made the shawl so you can sew a shawl, too. So let’s get started. I selected a meter of the material and three meters of the fringe material. I gathered my spool of black thread, a pincushion, scissors, pins, and a quiet spot to work in. I owned a triangle shaped black and emerald velvet fringed shawl. The material was square shaped but I used the velvet shawl as a pattern. I cut a similar pattern of the lace material. I tried smoothing the edges of the lace material. However, I needed to sew on the fringe material.

So I threaded my needle. Forget sewing this project on the sewing machine. I tried that and in no time, the fabric snagged. While you’re sewing the shawl, you’re putting your energy and intent into it so trust me, sew by hand. It is more work but worth it.  I sat there for hours sewing the fringe onto the lace shawl. The lace liked to slip and gather and tangle. I worked out each kink as I stitched. This step takes the longest and takes patience. I also advise you sew when you are clearheaded and in good light to see what  you are doing better and avoid damaging the material. So if you have a triangle shaped pattern, you can add fringe to three sides of the material. Determine the right and wrong side of your material. Always sew the fringe on the wrong side of the material- think of it as the top and bottom side. In this case, the bottom side of the material. This is why it helps to sew in good light. 

Be neat and tidy as you sew. Work out each snag if you come across one. I kept checking and rechecking if I was sewing correctly. I didn’t want the fringe material to bunch up or look wrong. Once you have sewn the fringe on the two sides, hold the shawl up and assess what you have accomplished so far. Be careful how you sew to determine and achieve a beautiful garment. If you are patient and work hard, you will have a beautiful shawl. It is optional to add fringe to the top of the shawl. I did because I had left over fringe remaining. Make sure the fringe is sewn on neat and straight and is sewn to both ends of the side you’re sewing it on. 

Make sure you have enough thread and pins. I added pins. They sometimes fall out so be sure to clean up pins that fell on the floor. Once you are done sewing on the fringe, you now have a shawl to wear for Samhain. I added a black bow to the top of the shawl. My shawl is delicate and fragile. This is why it pays to take care as you sew. Never put anger into a garment you sew because the result will never look beautiful. Sew with patience. It doesn’t have to completed in one day. I took three days to sew the shawl. 

Trim loose threads and examine the shawl for anything you may have missed. I hope you will own a shawl that you can wear with pride during Samhain. Wash by hand and always allow to air dry. Your shawl will last a long time with the proper care. 

Blessed Be, Lady Spiderwitch )O(

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Herbs for honouring your loved ones

Eerie Picture

Merry meet all,

For those of you who are like me and like to think Samhain, or October 31st, is every day of the year, here is some more fun information to help you cast your rituals. 

Herbs for honouring the dead:

Mugwort Mugwort aids in dreamwork, psychic awareness, and to transport you to a mental space so you are ready for ritual. 

Lavender Aids in calm and peace, meditation

Sage It is good for smudging and casting a protective safety net over your sacred space. Cedar, sweetgrass and rosemary are good for purification of space. 

Mandrake Mandrake is highly toxic but I believe that as long as the herb is respected, it should not be so dangerous to use. You can use the root which I covet for magickal workings such as love spells, since it is an aphrodisiac and to add power to your spells. 

Pomegranates This goes without needing saying.  I love pomegranates. They are the fruit eaten by Persephone when she was in the Underworld. 

Patchouli Patchouli smells like the earth after rain. Rue is a traditional witch’s herb. Rosemary is for remembrance. 

Acorns and pinecones. Bake the pinecones in the oven to kill mites and get a pretty sheen on the pinecones then dip them in oil and glitter. 

Beeswax Beeswax is perfect for making candles and oils.  You can do this every day of the year, not only at Samhain. Select the beeswax that is natural and organic and was actually created by bees, not poisonous chemicals. Melt the beeswax in a pot/ double boiler. Never add water. Add your herbs or oil. One thing you can do is to melt olive oil or another carrier oil in a separate pot and add herbs to it then strain into the pot with the wax. That way, you can strain the herbs but get their essence. Then with a calm mind and steady hand pour the melted wax into a container that is clean, like sterile clean to avoid bacteria. Make a mix of wax and oils to help you get deeper into a meditation when you want to commune with the dead. Use herbs that would be appropriate such as the ones listed above.

In Scott Cunningham’s book  The Complete Book of Essential Oils and Brews, he lists two flying ointment recipes. 

Here they are:

1 part Dittany of Crete, 2 drops peppermint oil, 1 drop clove, and 1 drop pine. Add the oils to the beeswax base. Anoint the body when you need it for strong purification. 

Flying Ointment, Nontoxic 1 part Dittany of Crete, 1 part Cinquefoil, 1 part Mugwort, 1 part Parsley. se to aid in astral projection. The book lists some toxic flying ointment recipes but I urge you to use caution. You can do this but do it with caution. Use a dime size amount only.

He says you should not consider using this: 

Cinquefoil, parsley, aconite, belladonna, hemlock, cowbane. don’t use it. Be careful. 

Be careful. Do be careful. 

Have fun! Invent your own recipes

Blessed Be, Lady Spiderwitch )0(






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Nature Tools for Rituals


Merry meet all,

 On Sunday I am going to the play with my friends, the Addams Family play. I can’t wait and I plan to be dressed very goth for the occasion too. I once saw the ballet Dracula. That was cool. 

It often requires the right tools to perform magic. Of course, if you have your will, intent and focus, you have all you need. But a cool silver and black athame helps too. But do try to remember that you can go out in nature and gather tools, too. 

But for magic that you are performing for a ritual where you want to honor the dead, or your passed loved ones, then a few of these types of tools can add more power to your ritual. The nature items already possess a powerful energy that can be to your benefit. Once you have collected, cleansed and dedicated your altar items, hold the item in your hands and sit calmly. Connect with the energy of the item and open yourself to receiving any psychic impressions you receive. Write them down in your Book of Shadows. 

Graveyard dust. I know you should gather this from the grave of a loved one, but for myself, I don’t know anyone who was buried in a grave. I am sure it is still acceptable to gather the dust then bake the soil to kill mites. Store in a labeled jar out of sunlight. 

Brick dust Gather this from a brick to add some protection to your home or spell

Animal bones I was fortunate enough to get to gather bones because in Pleasant Bay, the wildlife is very present. Bobcats, coyotes, bears, eagles, moose, deer, rabbits and foxes romp and roam there. I just go out to the trees and collect them. I keep the animal skull on the altar. 

Feathers Good for representing the Element of Air and using while smudging. Cleanse to remove any possibility of disease or dirt. Makes great fans or to use with ink in your Book of Shadows

Seashells and stones I live near the ocean. Good for representing the element of Water and using while smudging or holding purified water. Collect sand at the beach and bake it in the oven to kill mites then use in your cauldron or to help your plants grow. 

Seeds If you have a garden, you can gather them or wait till fall and gather seeds. Collect enough to use to put in a rattle. I’d tell you to gather gourds and dry them out to hollow them to make a rattle, but I haven’t yet learned the trick on how to do that. 

Water this should go without saying but how often do you purify water before using it for ritual? Leave a large jug out in the rain then boil it to purify and detox it then it will be ready for use. Go to the ocean or a lake to collect. 

Bark There are a few things you can do with bark. It can depend on which tree you collect it from. You can use branches for magic too. You can paint on the bark, write messages on the bark. Birch, willow, rowan, thorn, oak and ash are suitable. Take it respectfully from the tree. Make a fairy wand from the branch or a mobile. Use your imagination. Make a pentacle from twigs and hang it up. 

Leaves You can make an ash for your cauldron from leaves. Collect a lot of oak leaves then dry them. Once dried, ground them with your mortar and pestle to a fine powder. Then use in your cauldron to burn resins or incense. I placed dried oak leaves under my Odin statue on my altar- as a gift and a decoration. 

Thank the earth and the animals for their gifts to you. Leave seeds, smudge or stones as an offering. Showing respect enables you to receive their help later. Be kind to nature. The earth needs it desperately in our crazed rat race society. 

Blessed Be, Lady Spiderwitch )O(

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Ancestors in the Mists of Time


Merry meet all,

I was on a walk near the graveyard the other night and I took some photos. I didn’t see the orbs in the picture until I uploaded them. It’s cool I was able to capture orbs on my digital camera. Let me know in the comments if you can spot them. 

I have been slowly working on an ancestor worship altar. I have put the photo of my beloved grandfather up on the Witches Coven Circle- the area on my bookcase where the witch figurines are gathered round the cauldron. I placed an animal skull near the photo. I found the skull on a hike. I plan to take the small animal skull in the photo above to a museum so I can know what animal it is. That way, i can better honor the animal and maybe communicate with it. I might work up the nerve to order a cast resin skull. Maybe it’s just me but touching a real human skull which you actually can purchase gives me squeegees. 


I want to delve deeper into ancestor worship and try it. I want to be more serious about my practice of the Craft. I also hope to attend the upcoming Christopher Penzak workshop in September titled The Mighty Dead. I can’t wait to go. I will scrimp and save every penny to go. It should be exciting and this is one of those rare opportunities. 

And now I am about to delve deep into editing..

Till next time,

Blessings, Lady Spiderwitch 




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Universal Energy


Merry meet all,

I have two books on order to soon come my way. The books are Practical Candleburning Rituals by Raymond Buckland and The Mighty Dead by Christopher Penzak. I can’t wait to get to read them. I don’t need less books, I need more book space. Ha ha

Here are some tips on how to protect yourself from negative energy and/ or negative spirits. First of all, and this may come as a shock, but the first thing to examine is yourself. Are you radiating bad energy? You are doing it unintentionally, I am sure. Switch to positive energy. It may help to think of bad energy as a murky pool and good energy as a sparkling clear pond. Which one would you rather swim in? The answer is simple. 

If you want to perform a ritual to commune with the dead or hold a seance, please concentrate on only good energy. If you are negative or angry or depressed, it is not the time to try something so intense. Be happy and in a good frame of mind. I, for example, never sew when I am angry. I don’t want to put that energy into the sewing. Just the other day, I accidentally stepped on my cat’s tail (don’t hate me, please) and she yelped. I squatted in subordination and petted her and apologized. I was making a herbal incense mix and so I added a pinch of catnip to the mix. That was only fair. I didn’t want any harmful energy to go into the herbal mix. So see how energy works now? 

But if you do send out bad energy (the murky pond), you will receive it in equal measure. The Universe draws in what you ask for – the bad energy, and so sends it in return. The same works for good energy. You could summon a spirit or entity that may attach itself to you and be hard to banish. You must also not be afraid. They feed off of your fear. If you are brave and calm and strong, you will be able to banish them. They need to feed off of fear to have energy to act. 

I used to have the worst ant problem in my apartment. When I moved in, I changed everything about my apartment. I caulked every hole and crack, started a garden, and mopped my floors with bleach. They started coming in less and less and visited my garden. I still mop floors with bleach. I got new kitchen flooring which helped. But they have found new food lines and want to be in the garden. I hung a clothes hanger bent in the shape of a ‘g’. I never take it down. It blocks energy. I also put a rose quartz crystal in my kitchen. I changed the whole place which helped me banish the ants. Well mostly. This is one example of ‘blocking energy’. 

You can sprinkle salt on your windowsills and entrances and exits. Steep sage tea in a teapot and pour it all around the perimeter of your apartment. Try to do this when your neighbours aren’t watching. Asperge a pentacle on your windows and on your doors. Smudge your home with sage, lavender, rosemary or frankincense. Fill your home with loving energy. 

None of this is meant to scare you off from magic or communing with your ancestors. Rather, it is intended to be sure you don’t welcome any negative hostile spirits. It is a good idea to perform these types of rituals with someone who is experienced at banishing if you run into problems. Besides, it is nice to have someone to chill with, right? Right. 

Use gemstones and place them in auspicious spots in your home. Meditate prior to trying these rituals. 

I will post more tomorrow

Till then,

Blessings, Lady Spiderwitch )O(


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The Spectral Book of Horror Stories Vol. 2: submissions open

Spectral Press

Spectral Book of Horror Stories, edited by Mark Morris - ©2014 respective individual authors/Spectral Press. Artwork ©2014 Vincent Chong Spectral Book of Horror Stories, edited by Mark Morris – ©2014 respective individual authors/Spectral Press. Artwork ©2014 Vincent Chong

Mark Morris has just announced the following:

“I’m pleased to announce that THE 2ND SPECTRAL BOOK OF HORROR STORIES is now open to submissions! Stories can be any length (though the preferred length is 2000-8000 words) and payment is £20 per 1000 words, up to a maximum of £100, which means that if you submit a story that’s over 5000 words it will be on the understanding that you’ll be giving us those additional words for free. The closing date for submissions is June 30th, and the book will be launched at FantasyCon in October. Due to the volume of stories I’m expecting to receive over the next few months it may take a while for me to get back to you, and my responses may, by necessity, be…

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