Universal Energy


Merry meet all,

I have two books on order to soon come my way. The books are Practical Candleburning Rituals by Raymond Buckland and The Mighty Dead by Christopher Penzak. I can’t wait to get to read them. I don’t need less books, I need more book space. Ha ha

Here are some tips on how to protect yourself from negative energy and/ or negative spirits. First of all, and this may come as a shock, but the first thing to examine is yourself. Are you radiating bad energy? You are doing it unintentionally, I am sure. Switch to positive energy. It may help to think of bad energy as a murky pool and good energy as a sparkling clear pond. Which one would you rather swim in? The answer is simple. 

If you want to perform a ritual to commune with the dead or hold a seance, please concentrate on only good energy. If you are negative or angry or depressed, it is not the time to try something so intense. Be happy and in a good frame of mind. I, for example, never sew when I am angry. I don’t want to put that energy into the sewing. Just the other day, I accidentally stepped on my cat’s tail (don’t hate me, please) and she yelped. I squatted in subordination and petted her and apologized. I was making a herbal incense mix and so I added a pinch of catnip to the mix. That was only fair. I didn’t want any harmful energy to go into the herbal mix. So see how energy works now? 

But if you do send out bad energy (the murky pond), you will receive it in equal measure. The Universe draws in what you ask for – the bad energy, and so sends it in return. The same works for good energy. You could summon a spirit or entity that may attach itself to you and be hard to banish. You must also not be afraid. They feed off of your fear. If you are brave and calm and strong, you will be able to banish them. They need to feed off of fear to have energy to act. 

I used to have the worst ant problem in my apartment. When I moved in, I changed everything about my apartment. I caulked every hole and crack, started a garden, and mopped my floors with bleach. They started coming in less and less and visited my garden. I still mop floors with bleach. I got new kitchen flooring which helped. But they have found new food lines and want to be in the garden. I hung a clothes hanger bent in the shape of a ‘g’. I never take it down. It blocks energy. I also put a rose quartz crystal in my kitchen. I changed the whole place which helped me banish the ants. Well mostly. This is one example of ‘blocking energy’. 

You can sprinkle salt on your windowsills and entrances and exits. Steep sage tea in a teapot and pour it all around the perimeter of your apartment. Try to do this when your neighbours aren’t watching. Asperge a pentacle on your windows and on your doors. Smudge your home with sage, lavender, rosemary or frankincense. Fill your home with loving energy. 

None of this is meant to scare you off from magic or communing with your ancestors. Rather, it is intended to be sure you don’t welcome any negative hostile spirits. It is a good idea to perform these types of rituals with someone who is experienced at banishing if you run into problems. Besides, it is nice to have someone to chill with, right? Right. 

Use gemstones and place them in auspicious spots in your home. Meditate prior to trying these rituals. 

I will post more tomorrow

Till then,

Blessings, Lady Spiderwitch )O(



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