Ancestors in the Mists of Time


Merry meet all,

I was on a walk near the graveyard the other night and I took some photos. I didn’t see the orbs in the picture until I uploaded them. It’s cool I was able to capture orbs on my digital camera. Let me know in the comments if you can spot them. 

I have been slowly working on an ancestor worship altar. I have put the photo of my beloved grandfather up on the Witches Coven Circle- the area on my bookcase where the witch figurines are gathered round the cauldron. I placed an animal skull near the photo. I found the skull on a hike. I plan to take the small animal skull in the photo above to a museum so I can know what animal it is. That way, i can better honor the animal and maybe communicate with it. I might work up the nerve to order a cast resin skull. Maybe it’s just me but touching a real human skull which you actually can purchase gives me squeegees. 


I want to delve deeper into ancestor worship and try it. I want to be more serious about my practice of the Craft. I also hope to attend the upcoming Christopher Penzak workshop in September titled The Mighty Dead. I can’t wait to go. I will scrimp and save every penny to go. It should be exciting and this is one of those rare opportunities. 

And now I am about to delve deep into editing..

Till next time,

Blessings, Lady Spiderwitch 





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