Herbs for honouring your loved ones

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Merry meet all,

For those of you who are like me and like to think Samhain, or October 31st, is every day of the year, here is some more fun information to help you cast your rituals. 

Herbs for honouring the dead:

Mugwort Mugwort aids in dreamwork, psychic awareness, and to transport you to a mental space so you are ready for ritual. 

Lavender Aids in calm and peace, meditation

Sage It is good for smudging and casting a protective safety net over your sacred space. Cedar, sweetgrass and rosemary are good for purification of space. 

Mandrake Mandrake is highly toxic but I believe that as long as the herb is respected, it should not be so dangerous to use. You can use the root which I covet for magickal workings such as love spells, since it is an aphrodisiac and to add power to your spells. 

Pomegranates This goes without needing saying.  I love pomegranates. They are the fruit eaten by Persephone when she was in the Underworld. 

Patchouli Patchouli smells like the earth after rain. Rue is a traditional witch’s herb. Rosemary is for remembrance. 

Acorns and pinecones. Bake the pinecones in the oven to kill mites and get a pretty sheen on the pinecones then dip them in oil and glitter. 

Beeswax Beeswax is perfect for making candles and oils.  You can do this every day of the year, not only at Samhain. Select the beeswax that is natural and organic and was actually created by bees, not poisonous chemicals. Melt the beeswax in a pot/ double boiler. Never add water. Add your herbs or oil. One thing you can do is to melt olive oil or another carrier oil in a separate pot and add herbs to it then strain into the pot with the wax. That way, you can strain the herbs but get their essence. Then with a calm mind and steady hand pour the melted wax into a container that is clean, like sterile clean to avoid bacteria. Make a mix of wax and oils to help you get deeper into a meditation when you want to commune with the dead. Use herbs that would be appropriate such as the ones listed above.

In Scott Cunningham’s book  The Complete Book of Essential Oils and Brews, he lists two flying ointment recipes. 

Here they are:

1 part Dittany of Crete, 2 drops peppermint oil, 1 drop clove, and 1 drop pine. Add the oils to the beeswax base. Anoint the body when you need it for strong purification. 

Flying Ointment, Nontoxic 1 part Dittany of Crete, 1 part Cinquefoil, 1 part Mugwort, 1 part Parsley. se to aid in astral projection. The book lists some toxic flying ointment recipes but I urge you to use caution. You can do this but do it with caution. Use a dime size amount only.

He says you should not consider using this: 

Cinquefoil, parsley, aconite, belladonna, hemlock, cowbane. don’t use it. Be careful. 

Be careful. Do be careful. 

Have fun! Invent your own recipes

Blessed Be, Lady Spiderwitch )0(







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