Merry meet all,

To honour the dead, it helps to have a few tools. Not only your will, concentration, intent and focus, but tools. Your own hand can serve as an athame or wand. They both represent the will, the Element of Air. You can use that and there is nothing wrong with it nor nothing as powerful as a Witch’s will. 

However, tools can be used to focus and direct your will while during rituals/ spells. Here are some awesome tools to use for your spellworkings:

Athame- an athame is used to direct energy like when you are creating a pentacle in the air for invoking or a banishing. 

Valkyrie Athame

Wand- A wand works very similar to an athame. I have a wand that was saved from the Hurricane Juan. I wood burned a snake onto the wood and carved winding Celtic designs on the wand. I carefully painted the wand. It’s beautiful. A wood burner is also an excellent craft tool to own. You can work a cool design onto anything. 


Candles- If you are holding a seance, or honouring your ancestors, candles are the best tool. You can carve words or symbols into candles. You can cut the wax and tuck paper inside to strengthen the power of the spell. You can use any shape or size or colour of candle. For these workings, I would recommend deep blue candles, black candles, purple or white. Deep blue symbolizes depth, the water element, and the darkness of the Underworld. Deep blue always makes me think of the ocean depths. Black is the sum of all colors. Purple candles symbolize spirituality and royalty. White is the best colour for spirit. 


Altar cloth- Use a dark coloured altar cloth. Black is ideal. It is easy to make your own. Purchase a meter or a half-meter of material from your local thrifty fabric store. Hem the edges and decorate it. I plan to sew myself a black altar cloth for the fall season. I want to add tassels, fringe, lining and silver moons to a square of black velveteen. Velveteen is not as expensive as velvet. You don’t need to break the bank to have cool altar tools. I know. I confess to splurging $70 on a cool athame from Sacred Mists. 

A cauldron- for scrying, for burning resins and incenses. 

A photo of a loved one who has passed on. Keep the picture on your altar. A skull. I have a skull of an animal that I found on a hike. A ceramic skull or an actual skull will suffice. 


Herbs- Sage, cedar, frankincense, rosemary, lavender, mugwort, salt, a dish of earth, myrrh. These herbs are good for purifying your space and self before an seance. Sandalwood has a beautiful scent. Grow your own herbs and make your own smudge wands from them. I grow organic mugwort in my garden. I also grow lavender, sage, and I might try rosemary again. Growing your own herbs reduces the chance of harmful chemicals being present in the herbs. You also help the earth when you grow the herbs and can put your own energy into making your own smudge sticks. I know this isn’t possible for everyone though. A seashell or small bowl for holding water or salt is good to have at hand. A feather can be used to fan the smoke from the smudge sticks. 

A statue of a deity or god/ goddess, a crystal ball for scrying, and a besom for sweeping away any negative energy out of your ritual area are good to have at hand. 

BOS – Record your experiences, rituals and spells in your Book of Shadows. Over time, you can check your progress and may find you have started a whole new tradition!

These tools will aid you in your magickal workings. Take care of them. Keep them clean and keep them on your altar at all times. They will absorb all energy that they are sent and that they collect from being on the altar. If you make your own candles, if possible, they will also be filled with your intent and energy. Always allow a candle to burn for an hour during it’s first use. The candle wax forms a memory ring. The wick must also be centered in the candle or the candle will never burn properly. Be sure to program the candle with the purpose of the spell. 

Blessed Be, Lady Spiderwitch )O(



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