Sixth Sense

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Merry meet all,

Clairvoyance is a popular topic amongst Wiccans and Pagans. It takes a great deal of concentration and skill to maintain Extra-Sensory Perception (ESP). Anyone can start practicing these skills today. 

Wicca suggests that an altered state of consciousness in order to connect with the divine, can be done by each and every individual. Some people do require more practice than others. The ones who need practice need to get used to operating at a higher vibration than others. The ones who are used to it already do operate at a higher vibration. 

On top of concentration, meditation, will and focus, a practitioner may need an external item such as crystals, candles, an animal, as well as various other objects. Other items may include a wand, deck of dedicated tarot cards, an athame. Various plants and gemstones that possess Magickal properties. Some practitioners only need their mind. 

Clairvoyance, or Extra-Sensory Perception, are fundamentally what practitioners of Magick try to do without the use of any magickal tools. They have a natural talent for scrying or performing other divinations. Those who possess this ability are seen sometimes by others as supernatural or paranormal, when there might be nothing paranormal or odd about them at all. 

The ability to see events without any of the five senses is the general description of Extra-Sensory Perception. Clairvoyance is the premier category. ESP is essentially the sixth sense, the third eye that allows an individual to live their daily life with some foreknowledge. 

Here is an example of what happened to me:

I was at home one night with my family when I was overcome by powerful emotions. I had the intense feeling of something strongly kicking me in the stomach, like a quarterback kicking a football across a field. I felt intense pain and had a vision of Thompson, my brother’s friend, bent over in pain and surrounded by a red and orange glow or light. I then had an extremely strong sense that he was in deep trouble. I knew with absolute certainty Thompson was sick without knowing how I knew what I knew. 15 minutes later, Thompson arrived sick and in pain, as I had envisioned him to be. His kidneys had failed him. His father would not take him to the hospital but his mother came and the four of them, (Mom, Jesse, Thompson and his mother) all went to the hospital together. I now knows it was intuition and spirit telling me what I had to know. I was feeling the pain that Thompson was experiencing as he approached the house where I lived with my family.

This experience frightened me a bit. I was just finding out I was that intuitive. I didn’t understand then and I understand now. It all started then. We all have the ability. Some people accept it and others aren’t yet aware. Study and learn all you can. This will aid you in developing your clairvoyant talents. 

Blessed Be, Lady Spiderwitch )O(


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