Being awake to Life


Merry meet all,

In the latest post I talked about clairvoyance and ESP. Today I’m posting about how to deal with being clairvoyant if you are around people who don’t understand you. I say this because I have seen it time and again. 

It is not as hard as you think. Society has conditioned us to think a particular way, live a certain way, and behave a certain way. We hardly even question it anymore. But therein lies the problem. Should we question it? Should we fearlessly strike out and be our true selves/ My answer is a resounding YES. 

If you are, you are able to tune into your clairvoyant abilities with more success. You are able to raise your vibrations to higher frequencies. This allows you to manifest your dreams and attract abundance in your life, which you have a right to. 

Society has pressured conformity on us. I walk into Walmart and instantly my skin crawls and I need a ‘shower’. It is a breeding zone of so much parasitic negative energy. I hate it there. I try to visit that store as little as possible. It is one example of lower vibrational energy. Try to go to places that fill your heart and soul and call to your soul. I try to support the quaint and charming small independent bookstore and shops that are trying to compete with bigger companies. 

People who are so obviously operating on a lower vibrational energy can yank you off your psychic ‘cord’, so to speak. They try to pull you down with them. I have been there. They don’t believe in magic or mediumistic ability. They don’t support it and they live their mundane lives. I actually always feel sorry for them they are not aware of what exists in the Universe or what could be existent for them. They are a challenge. I often smudge myself after being around certain people. It helps rid me of their residual negative energy. 

Pay attention to how you feel when you are around certain people and places. I do and I also record my feelings in a journal. This not only can validate an experience for you and help you note any progress you are making. 

If you can follow all this, and pay attention to how you feel, and try to operate on a consistent higher vibrational energy level, it gets easier over time. it allows you to be your Higher self which is a good thing, and it can actually help improve your health. I have noticed that when I am around a certain negative individual I feel ill. When I leave then, my health improves instantly. I have observed this and noted it down. You improve with practice. It soon becomes second nature.

Eat a good healthy diet, be kind to animals, and be good to the earth. Soon you will notice for example, if you have a garden, that you have little helpers. They defend my garden with a vengeance. I am talking about faeries and nature spirits. I have a garden. A tenant had to power clean the house. Not only was I angered by his insensitive noise and communication. But the faeries were angered by what he did to the garden. I actually had to go outside with smudge and reassure them it was ok and smudge the garden. I didn’t see any faeries but I sure sensed their presence and high emotional state. Not kidding. Rod operated on a lower vibrational energy level. He has since moved. 

Stay awake to life. I know it’s easier said than done. Be aware. Go on long nature walks. Spring is almost here. You will be glad you did. Now is the time to plan your garden. 

Blessed Be, Lady Spiderwitch )O(


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