The Addams Family Musical Play


Merry meet all,

This weekend I had the privilege of going to a musical production of The Addams Family. 

I was at the amazing, the mind-blowing, the earth-shattering The Addams Family play. The play was better than all the movies. I was just stunned. The topnotch quality was like nothing I ever saw before. I loved and laughed with every minute of it. The sets were amazing, the costumes were just as amazing as the play, and the actors were so talented it came out of their ears and everywhere else. My jaw was dropped to the floor at their talent the entire play. I just wish the lady in yellow dress didn’t sing like the cat died at that one moment. But Gomez and Morticia Addams danced and Puglsey was tortured by Wednesday. She fell in love- with a normal person- gasp! She wore yellow! It was quite a night. I was terrified of the balcony steps and getting to my seat but I managed to control my fear because the play made my terror of the high steps more than worth it!!!! Cara mia!!

The theatre was also decorated for the play. Cobwebs hung in the air, and a statue of Thing and the hand  were on display as well as a gargoyle statue. I had a wonderful time that night. I have two vouchers remaining so I get to see the play again. I will repost then with more detail. Until then, remember: “Living or dead, they are still family.” The Addams Family honoured their ancestors. The ancestors were seen in the play. Family values matter to The Addams Family!!

Blessed Be, Lady Spiderwitch )O(


And now, for your ghoulish reading pleasure……………



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