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Merry meet all,

It’s 149 days till Samhain. I find it unbelievable. I have not even hardly gotten my garden started yet. We are six months into the year. Time flies when you are having fun.

I have fully paid for the much anticipated upcoming workshop, The Mighty Dead, hosted by Christopher Penczak. I can’t believe he is coming to Halifax to teach a workshop. Naturally I am going. It is all about ancestor worship. The workshop is in September.

I have some black cotton material and black lining material for a new altar cloth for the workshop. This weekend, I plan to sew the lining to the material. I also have black skeleton material, that has white skeletons on black flannel. I think the altar cloth will look cool. I also downloaded a skeleton clip art picture because I want to put a skull image on the altar cloth and maybe a tombstone too. I can’t wait until September for the workshop. The workshop will allow me to deepen my spiritual practice, learn how to properly commune with the dead rather than just reading or hearing about it and have an amazing experience. The sacrifice I made to pay for the workshop will be worth it.

I have read Christopher Penczak’s book The Mighty Dead. I need to reread the book. It is a very esoteric book. I am not familiar with his stuff so I have to reread it. But I plan to do that before September.

I planted a witch hazel in my garden. Here is a link that tells about the darker folklore of witch hazel trees. If you click on this link to the Paranormal and Witchy Fiction Facebook page, it will take you to the link:“>https://www.facebook.com/ghosts.spiritsandapparitions”>  

I won a copy of Richard Laymon’s Special Definitive hard cover novel The Night Show from Dark Regions Press: (http://www.darkregions.com/) The book will be fully illustrated,includes new materials from authors Edward Lee and Steve Gerlac, will have five original interior illustrations, and finally,previously unpublished story notes by author Richard Laymon and signatures from authors Edward Lee and Steve Gerlach, artist Malcolm McClinton and editors James R. Beach and Kelly Laymon. The book will have a wraparound colour dust jacket. Like fancy, huh? I won this!! Wicked cool. I will receive the book late fall.

I can’t wait for the Crimson Peak movie. I mean, like I can’t wait. To tease you all even more, here is the delicious trailer:

Link: http://www.shortlist.com/entertainment/films/frightening-new-trailer-for-guillermo-del-toros-crimson-peak

I’m still toiling away at my novel. I hope to have a major edit done soon. Yes I too used to write in a haunted attic. That was back when I lived with my family in a haunted Victorian home, only Del Toro’s idea of a haunted house is a bit more dramatic than mine. 

Last night was the Full Moon. The next turn in the Wheel of the Year is Litha!!

Blessings, Lady Spiderwitch )O(



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