Home Protection of another kind


Merry meet all,

If you are having problems and think that you have negative energy or bad spirits in your home, it could be a good time to perform a banishing. You have a right to cleanse your home of bad energy and not have to live with it. But how do you identify the bad stuff? I’ll tell you. 

You should still use common sense when you want to deal with this matter. Logic rules over paranoia. Just because a shadow flickers on your floor from your big lamp that doesn’t mean your home is haunted. 

Signs your home is haunted: 

  • If you are seeing for sure dark shadow beings in your home that appear for a second then disappear through a wall.
  • The hairs on your neck stand on end when you are alone in the bathroom at night.
  • You experience sleep paralysis as you sleep.
  • You grab a doorknob only to feel something resist on the other side of the door.
  • Objects are moved or fall down without you or anyone else having handled them.
  • You hear something crash to the floor yet nothing has been moved. I can’t count how many times I have heard a mop or something fall and look and nothing happened. Explain that. 

I have experienced all of these things. It’s how I know. But there are actions you can take to stop it from happening. I used to believe that smudging your home with sage was enough. I have heard that the lesser banishing ritual of the pentagram is supposed to be helpful. 

One night not too long ago, someone was over to help banish bad energies but a shadow person appeared in my apartment anyway. We did the reiki cleansing but I still saw the spirit. This makes me wonder how effective the person’s ritual was and if smudging a home with sage actually works. I shall try stronger methods of home cleasning. I plan to visit a farmers market for sage to steep and sprinkle from a teapot or garden jug all around the outside of the apartment. Then I plan to sage the house and perform a home threshold clearing ritual from the Hedge Witch book. I may also try the lesser banishing ritual. But I won’t be asking that person to help with another cleansing since it was ineffective. 

I know my home, You know your home. You know instinctively what would work or not. You know how each room ‘feels’ and you know the history of your home. This is why I think that performing your own rituals yourself is such a good idea. Regularly smudge your home with sage every Full Moon. Sprinkle salt on doorways and windowsills. Leave an empty bowl or two in a room to ‘collect’ energy. Relax and focus on filling your home with love and positive energy. I have a pet cat, my fur-miliar, and I have felt a lot safer since adopting Lady Cattarina Cutey-paws the 1st. Penny, for short. It should be no wonder why. Burn a lemon-scemted candle. Try the above suggestions. 

Always remember, you are in control. You have the upper hand. You can control what happens to you. And never become paranoid. Remain balanced and calm. 

I hope this all helps you to have a good loving home. Blessings

Lady Spiderwitch 


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