Dark Poetry


Merry meet all,

On the weekend, I attended the East Coast Literary Awards. I volunteered and had a great time. In other news, James Wong won the Bram Stoker Award from the Horror Writers Association for Superior Achievement in a Screenplay for – American Horror Story: Coven: “The Magical Delights of Stevie Nicks” (FX Network). Way to go, !! Any fans out there?

Hard work has rewards! The June issue of the Horror Writers Association newsletter is up! For those who are keen. 

Today is rainy and overcast. My kind of day, because it puts me in that mood. I like dark stuff, so these rainy days are perfect. It helps me work on dark writing. I find it hard to work on a scary story with glaring sunlight pouring in my window. It is… unavoidable. Then my beautiful garden, which looks pretty in the rain too, beckons to me to go out and enjoy it and that siren call is tempting. But another siren calls lures me to the keyboard today. 

I am so excited it’s summer. We are six months into the year. Where has the time gone? But it means warmer weather. It means storing my black wool cloak till fall although I still dress witchy/ and a pathetic attempt at goth. (I need new clothes.) 

So instead of my usual posts, I thought I would share a poem with you that I wrote myself. !!


On a dark November evening,

as I hurry home,

a sea of somber tombstones

bewitch me.


Misty clouds paint the sky.

Flowers crown the tombs.

Bare black trees

rock in the strong wind.


Death pounces on my psyche.

Lucid spirits drift across frozen ground.

Shrill screams echo across this

barren land of the dead.


Crisp leaves twirl

in a crescendo

round the cold graveyard,


Gold and crimson leaves

bleed into the rich soil-

promise of a resurrection.


Blessed Be, Lady Spiderwitch )O(





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