Merry meet all,

The Wheel of the Year next shifts to Lammas. Lammas is one of the first three harvest Sabbats. The harvest season is almost upon us. I think time is speeding up. I just put my squash vines in the ground. 

I am sewing a whole new outfit for the upcoming Christopher Penczak workshop The Mighty Dead. I grew up in fabric stores and pored over countless pattern binders. I learned how to sew. I sewed myself a lovely purplish blue peasant blouse. I plan to sew myself a black corset. The corset is lined with dark purple butterfly print fabric. I need to finish it by inserting grommets ( not the easiest job) and make the black gothy blouse and skirt. To some, sewing is a challenge. Yet I see a challenge as something to overcome. I see sewing as an act of creation. I walk around a fabric store and can’t help touching the fabric. So my new outfit will be a joy to create. I know all about selvages, bias tape, and all the other important things involved in sewing. The malls never carry the type of clothing I want. That is why I do so much sewing. Sometimes the fabric stores don’t carry the patterns I want. The patterns are standard and conventional. I put my own spin on my creations. 

Here are some photos of my efforts o the corset and my purple blouse so far:


The blouse:

peasant blouse 1

I can’t wait to complete the corset. It is not that hard. The pattern I have calls for 2 pieces of boning to be inserted on both sides of front section of the corset. 

I love black as a choice for clothing. Black is empowering, magickal, and adds mystery. Purple is a good witchy colour too. But black has always held superiority over everything else. 

When you sew your own clothes, you create something original and tailored to you. The outfit will fit you better because you know your own size and measurements, which is important when sewing. Designers understand that though the models in the magazines are extremely thin. So whatever you sew you will feel good in. This is why I go to all that work. 


Gardening is also an act of creation. That may be painfully obvious but it’s true. Once you have grown all your magickal plants, there a thousand ways to use them. 

Incense, incense cones, potpourri, tinctures, potions, charged water, the possibilities are endless. You might even create your own herbal book where you can record all your successes and experiments. I am currently experimenting with making incense cones. 

my incense cones

I blended herbs with orris root, red wine, and honey. I formed 20 incense cones. They are curing on wax paper on a cookie sheet in the kitchen. I will let them cure till the cones are ready then I shall store them. They smell like cloves. 

Basically, when you create something, whether you grow black hollyhocks or a gothy shawl, you are putting your own energy into it. If you practice, you can become very good at it. You are creating something and feeling the fire of creation, You are a Witch and witches are usually very crafty. You don’t need to buy a wand when you can create just as magickal a wand from a fallen branch on the ground. I did that and I wood burned a Celtic serpent design over the whole wand. I painted it green and brown. People might start asking you for your help and where you get your inspirations. That’s when you know you are getting somewhere.

Good luck with your creations

Blessings, Lady Spiderwitch )O(


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