My altar cloth


Merry meet all,

I am looking forward to attending the Mighty Dead workshop in September. I have been busy preparing to go. I have sewn myself a nice skirt (which is not done yet), a corset and an altar cloth. I am proud of my altar cloth.

The altar cloth is made of black cotton and generously covered in Penny’s cat hair (grr.) The altar cloth is lined and adorned with a skull and skeletons. I plan to add leaves to it, Celtic knot work, a triple moon, two crescent moons, a cat, bats, and a spider. I am adding to the altar cloth what has meaning to me. The skull and skeletons symbolize death.

A bat flew in my hair once. That doesn’t scare me. Spiders have always been my totem insect and protected me. Already their webs hang over my garden, waiting for an unwary fly. I have always loved the moon. I want to add a tombstone but I am still thinking about that.

I may seam rip the fabric and add herbs between the cloth and the lining. The altar cloth is too large in my opinion. But we need an altar cloth for the workshop. That’s why I am going to all this work. I also wanted the altar cloth to be appropriate for the workshop and I had nothing that would have worked. 

I have lots of time to prepare for the workshop in September, but who really wants to be scrambling at the last minute? Well maybe some people do. That’s not how I work. I also plan to give lavender, sage and mugwort smudge stick wands as gifts to the people who helped me be able to get to participate in the workshop.  The sage, lavender and mugwort are growing in my garden. 

Update on the altar cloth

Last night, I glued the decorative felt pieces onto the altar cloth. That was easier than sewing them on. It worked. I am happy to share a photo here. I have attached symbols that have meaning for me, the bat, cat and spider that are my totem animals. I haven’t attached the tombstone yet. I have to give that more thought. Two crescent moons and a centred pentagram triple moon decorate the altar cloth. Leaves border the edges of the altar cloth. 

black altarcloth


I can’t wait for September!

Blessings, Lady Spiderwitch )O(



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