Horror and Hangovers: Writing Until It Kills You

Horror Novel Reviews

Written by: Mack Moyer

The majority of writers who dedicate their lives to the craft come to a point where they write not because it’s their dream to ‘make it’ as an author, but because we cling to it like a raft in the vast, awful ocean that is real life.

Kind of like the ocean that killed Marky Mark in The Perfect Storm, only with more rejection letters.

I’ve written here before that there are everyday things far more horrifying than any scary story, and I think that’s especially true for writers.

My friend Alfie would agree.

And if you dedicate your life to writing at the expense of all else, you’ll probably agree one day too. 

Alfie is like any number of authors who decided, quite too young, that all he wanted to do was write. He ditched college, eschewed any semblance of a career, and set to…

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Witchcraft in the 16th and 17th Centuries


How do Historians Account for the Comparative Differences in Witch Hunting and the Witchcraze Throughout Europe?

Title page of the seventh Cologne edition of the Malleus Maleficarum, 1520 (from the University of Sydney Library) Title page of the seventh Cologne edition of the Malleus Maleficarum, 1520 (from the University of Sydney Library)

The witchcraze was a period in the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries where so-called ‘witches’ were hunted and punished for practising witchcraft. This belief in witchcraft was most noticeable in Scotland and continental Europe as this is where the majority of accusations took place.[1] This essay will look at several different areas of witchcraft and the witchcraze, including where beliefs did and did not take hold, the proportion of men and women who were accused, the influence of the Protestant Reformation and the prosecution of witches across Europe. Historians tend to agree that the witchcraze took off in Protestant areas more than Catholic areas, and also that it was largely female-identified. Historians also agree that there…

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Dark Happenings


Merry meet all,

The Mighty Dead workshop is canceled!! Well that sucks. After all the hard work of the organizers and well me, it is now postponed to possibly happen in 2017. There wasn’t enough money raised for Penczak to come here. 

I have soldiered on. I am now looking forward to autumn and the harvest from my garden, the movie Crimson Peak, to Mabon and Samhain. I have continued on with my ancestral worship. I have bought a cool item at the store of a raven sitting on a smiling skull.  I had to take it home. I cleansed and purified it and meditated with it. 

I bought black and silver nail polish. I saw someone had painted the moon phases on their nails. I am going to try to do the same on my nails. I hope I can do that successfully. 

I love black. I love black clothing and silver jewellry. I now want to wear what magickally empowers me. It feels good. Also, black looks cool. Spirits are drawn to those who are different. So I try to express that in what I wear and what I do. Its the middle of summer but I love black. A summer dress feels so ordinary. We all know what the Owens aunts think about that, don’t we? 

To be a Witch, you must be one in deed and word. I can dress as a Witch and send prayers to the Goddess all I want, but I have to do the magick too. I am really feeling more magickal these days as I shrug off the heavy skirts of my old depression and adopt a more devil may care attitude. It could also be that it’s summer too. That’s enough to cheer anyone. 

I also finished my purple cloak. I have decided against lining the cloak. It is already self-lined and I now see no need to line it. I want to add purple trim down the front sides (openings) of the cloak. I finished sewing a beauteous black peasant blouse, my black godet skirt with a tulle over skirt, the black mighty dead ancestral altar cloth, and the black skull bag, The bag is now lined. I finished too the sheer purple/ blue peasant blouse. That was a lot of work. I have to finish the corset vest. I am not looking forward to that task. I bought an awl which is superior at tearing fabric than a hole punch in the way it tears fabric to allow a grommet to sit more snugly. So that is next. Ugh. 

There are 80 odd days till Samhain. Stay tuned here for more exciting posts!

Blessed Be, Lady Spiderwitch )O(