Horror and Hangovers: Writing Until It Kills You

Horror Novel Reviews

Written by: Mack Moyer

The majority of writers who dedicate their lives to the craft come to a point where they write not because it’s their dream to ‘make it’ as an author, but because we cling to it like a raft in the vast, awful ocean that is real life.

Kind of like the ocean that killed Marky Mark in The Perfect Storm, only with more rejection letters.

I’ve written here before that there are everyday things far more horrifying than any scary story, and I think that’s especially true for writers.

My friend Alfie would agree.

And if you dedicate your life to writing at the expense of all else, you’ll probably agree one day too. 

Alfie is like any number of authors who decided, quite too young, that all he wanted to do was write. He ditched college, eschewed any semblance of a career, and set to…

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