Under Psychic Attack


Merry meet all,

Penny, my beautiful Norwegian Forest Cat, perches on the windowsill, watching all that moves. Well she was. She goes wherever she pleases. Magic, my guinea pig, was treated to some dandelion greens this morning. I am growing carrots in my garden. He’ll get to dine on the carrot leaves when they are harvested.

I have been thinking about psychic attack lately. I say this because I may have suffered a psychic attack. I don’t care what you say, it’s not normal to be mysteriously ill at 3 am. It’s not normal when you go to bed at night perfectly healthy. It may have been an anxiety attack and I sure prefer that explanation over that one. The hospital staff were busy because the moon was Full. That should help explain things.

I have since that horrid night smudged my apartment, and did a special floor wash to banish the bad energy. I do believe it worked. It is based on a Voodoo spell and the steps to it can be found in Michelle Belanger’s book The Ghost Hunter’s Survival Guide. She knows her stuff. I gathered protective herbs for a banishing spell I want to do, once the herbs are dry, which should be soon. I plan to do more banishing this weekend. I must need to be more careful than I initially believed. Sensitives, psychics, Witches, what have you, are especially vulnerable to certain energies. We can sense them and so they practically hunt us down and cause disturbances in our body, our mind, and/ or our homes. We need to protect ourselves from that and lately. I have been a little lazy.



Blessings, Lady Spiderwitch )O(

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