Mabon Magic


Merry meet all,

Our favorite time of year is here. September ushers in autumn with grace. I have harvested some chinese lanterns from my garden. Their orange colour is just like pumpkins. I spied a large round pumpkin on someone’s doorstep from my spot on the Metro transit. Halloween/ Samhain is nearly here. Who is as excited as me? 

I wrote a blog post for the Horror Writers Association Halloween Haunts blog project. I wrote about the tradition of performing dumb suppers, which I do every Samhain. I can’t wait to see my post on the site as well as enjoying reading the other posts. 

Mabon begins later this month! I love Mabon. Mabon is so enchanting. Mabon leads up nicely to Samhain but it’s the first stirrings of autumn. My garden is winding down. Soon I have to prepare the garden for winter and dig in my spring bulbs. I plan to grow more garlic and tulips and maybe some other spring bulbs, like crocuses. 

I love walking on the nature trail behind my apartment  in autumn, There are so many trees on either side of the trail. When they are showing off their colourful splendour, it’s just too beautiful. I love it when I feel the Samhain energy in the air too. The leaves are falling and sound crisper. We all know what this means! The sight of the colourful autumn leaves on the trees on the trail takes my breath away. 

Now is the time to scatter those seeds in the soil to bloom in spring. I have scattered the mandrake I sent in the mail that aren’t growing and rose seeds. I hope the mandrake seeds germinate outside. They could bloom next year or not at all. It they don’t, then I will order more from a different supplier. 

There’s a lot to look forward to this fall. I shall keep you posted on how to connect with spirits and keep yourself safe. For now, harvest your goodies from your garden, throw salt over your shoulder and plant rosemary and lavender in your garden for luck. 

Blessed Be, Lady Spiderwitch )O(


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