Time to Scare


Merry meet all,

Tomorrow is October 1st. Time to dust off your cauldrons and lift your striped socks. It is Season of the Witch. To kick off the most spookily awesomeness of October, I have an announcement!!!

The Horror Writers Association Halloween Haunts 2015 blog event begins on October 1. This online-only event presents thirty-one days of Halloween posts, excerpts, and book giveaways from some of today’s top horror writers. Celebrate Halloween with the horror writers and catch up on some good, scary reading. This event will take place from October 1 through October 31 on the HWA blog, Dark Whispers: http://horror.org/category/blog/. Updates and announcements about the schedule will be posted regularly on this page throughout October. Please share this and help spread the word so everyone can enjoy a few good Halloween chills.

My post about the dumb supper is slated to appear on October 14!!! I am excited like you can’t believe about this.

Mm I am munching on homemade pumpkin bread. I pureed the pumpkin myself. I have 2 new dolls. They are recent additions to the witch doll family. I collect witch dolls. Well the other one is a mouse. A customer at Winners titled him Mouse Warlock. He has had that name ever since. He is a handsome little guy. The tall doll witch is named Witch Allegra. Music notes are all over her skirt. The name seemed right for her. 



WitchAllegaI wrote a short story about the tilberi, which I posted about earlier, and sent it off. I hope it gets published. Tomorrow is the first of October. The month we slavishly wait for all year is here!! I also got to watch the amazing lunar eclipse from my driveway. Wow that was too cool. It was the first eclipse I ever got to watch. 


Crimson Peak will scare us in theatres this month, there is of course Samhain, the most magickal night of the year, Ritual on the Commons, My garden’s winding down for the autumn season. I have harvested my veggies and herbs. I harvested onion, garlic and over 60 tomatoes!

I plan to post here to guide you all into the magic of October. Let the spooky fun begin. Happy Haunting!

Blessings, Lady Spiderwitch )O(


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