The Grimm Pumpkin by Heddy Johannesen

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On the night of October 31st, a Giant pumpkin watched Tommy, Brian and Johnny throw toilet paper and eggs at peoples’ homes. Two evil eyes scowled at the costumed children with hate. The tiny nose arched between the eyes. Blood oozed down the face. The flesh dripped down from the mouth, revealing smelly stringy pulp. The mouth curved back on both sides, displaying two rows of chiseled fangs. The green root lay motionless on the porch.

Tommy eyed the moldy glowing thing. His small hand caressed the eggs. He stared at the pumpkin in terror. He swallowed hard and glanced to see if his friends had caught up with him. They tossed toilet paper and eggs at someone’s house. Their Converse sneakers shuffled on the damp autumn leaves.

“Hey guys, check this out. Egg it or what?” Tommy said. His best friends, Brian and Johnny, both in the…

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My romance with Death


Merry meet all,

To most enthusiasts of Wicca, witchcraft, horror fans and fans of the paranormal, Halloween holds a seductive irresistible spell over us. It does for me. I walk along the nature trail, in awe of the splendour of the autumn trees. I marvel at the plethora of pumpkins and the flavour of the roasted seeds. We crave hearty soups and feel the early chill in the air. October is not long enough. 

My family has accused me of being macabre all my life. I don’t fit in with them nor the zombies in the school halls. I was always an outcast, a loner, but it didn’t bother me. I love to read Wollstonecraft and Poe. I like the more classic horror fiction. I have an adult literary pop-up book of Edgar Allan Poe’s works and a more formal gilt edged hardcover illustrated classic style book of his writings. I have skulls, bats, witches, gargoyles, dragons and cauldrons. 

I guess I never feared the dark, I like walking on a shadowy street and fancying that I can blend in the shadows as smoothly as a  vampire can. I don’t fear bats that fly in my hair. I spare spiders and have always regarded them as my totem insect. Crows follow me around. I leave offerings in my garden. Heck, I even offered live crickets to the lady’s bearded dragons who lived above me. She keeps bearded dragons who ate the crickets- alive. Well power to them. I stare at the moon. I published a flash fiction story about a child munching pumpkin. (I love kids. I really do.)

Yup I’m weird. But maybe no more unusual than anyone else. I am always sad at the end of October. It is like the bittersweet flavour of a ripe apple. Sour but sweet. I am fascinated by the paranormal. Well I started this blog obviously, or maybe it is because I, like most people, want to know what happens to us after death. We seek answers to an unanswerable question. We would have to come back from death to tell everyone what it was like and that is impossible. 

I have enjoyed reading more about how other cultures view Death. I read a book titled Memento Mori about death and several other excellent titles such as Witches Book of the Dead by Christian Day, The Mighty Dead by Penczak, Goth Craft by Raven Digitalis and The Ghost Hunters Survival Guide by Belanger. 

Despite all this preoccupation with death, I do view life a certain way. Yes I like this stuff but I strive to maintain a balance in life. I love nice sunny days, gardening, my pets, and food. I love nature trails and hikes, herbalism, and sharing food with people. A balance is crucial to your health mentally, physically, and spiritually. 

I don’t believe in just focusing on the white goddesses or white light goddesses. How can you omit Hekate, Kali, Persephone or Bast? The Morrigan? To do that, is, to me, to dishonour them and to not appreciate the full aspects of the Goddess or life. Life is light and dark but should be in a harmony, a balance. I don’t like that I won’t see my garden for 5 to 6 months of the year but I know spring always returns- and I bought spring bulbs! I have to wait till the soil is cold enough for them to be planted. 

So I guess I express fears, inspirations etc through my writing. I wish you all a wonderful October and a magickal Samhain. 

Blessed Be, Lady Spiderwitch )O(

October’s Seduction


Merry meet all,

Magic is in the air!! it’s mid-October. To hell with naysayers, I so did wear my black cloak to the grocery store tonight. I don’t care what people think. I have always believed I should express my self and that cloaks shield you better from the elements. It began raining as soon as I arrived home, but I would have been dry. The cloak was made of wool. 

The moon’s waxing now, turning to full by October’s end. I am always sad at the end of October. To me, I cherish October more than anything in the world. Its such a sensual lively seductive month. I am reminded of the carnival in Something Wicked this way comes by Bradbury. I almost want to surrender to the horrors of the carnival. Almost. October seduces us gently and darkly. We give in because we relish it. 

I am going to go old school this October. I want to honor traditions, not just dumb supper. It was tradition to carve turnips long before pumpkins. I am going to do both. But since I have witnessed a Shadow person in my hone and so I see a need to set up a protection. If the carved turnips scares me, it may scare unwelcome spectral visitors. So the goal may be achieved! I will let you know how it goes. 

I am enjoying Samhain as a solitary but I am not alone. Spirit is with me, especially at this time of year. I’ve lit a pumpkin spice candle. I have completed a big project. 

I have sewed myself a witch’s gown. It’s made of knit and all black (of course!) I used the Arwen style full length gown and long draping sleeves. I love the dress. I put a lot of care into sewing it, no matter how tired and weary I was as I made it. I wanted it to be beautiful. I can wear the black lace corset with the gown! I wanted the dress to lace up the front originally but the material I chose for the dress could never support the lacing up. That is why I have the separate corset. A photo of the gown:


In that photo, I didn’t sew on the collar, hem the gown or wear the black lace corset but you get the general idea. I am proud of the gown. The sleeves are also lined now. I will wear this dress a lot. Yes, quite often. I plan to wear it to the Witches Ball. I want to be the Death card from the major arcana of the tarot. It is appropriate for this time of the year. That is the theme for costumes. I bought a black stemmed rose, white face paint, and black lipstick. I have a black cloak or spider cape and a spider shawl. All I need is a fake scythe and I am all set. Not real, of course. I love my gown and black boots to wear with it too. Now for those striped socks …

With October, comes Hollywood’s fascination with horror movies. I saw Crimson Peak last night. I sat there, horrified, through most of the movie. The movie was well done, I am already in love with Tom Hiddleston, and the woman who played the deranged sister was beyond excellent in her acting skills. The house was amazing. But I could hardly handle the gore or the violence. I visibly squirmed. I wasn’t expecting that much gore and violence. The gore I actually handled better than seeing people stabbed and slashed to death. I love Gothic horrors though. I am an Edgar Allan Poe fan. 

So light your candles, and dust off your cauldrons. Samhain is here!!

Blessings, Lady Spiderwitch )O(

Halloween Haunts: Tradition by Heddy Johannesen

The ancient Celts celebrated the Sabbat of Samhain on the eve of October 31st, marking the Celtic New Year. Samhain means summer’s end, pronounced “samhuinn” (Scots Gaelic spelling) when they protected their herds in the stables and stored their harvest for the cold winter. They feasted, burned need-fires, and divined with the spirits of those […]

Source: Halloween Haunts: Tradition by Heddy Johannesen

Divine Divinations



Merry meet all,

Necromantic Divination

Necromantic Divination can be an awesome way to connect to your loved ones. I hesitate to use the word ‘ancestors’ because it has such an implication of ancient ancestors. That’s not what I am talking about here. I mean the ones who have passed on who were close to you in life, even pets. I have photos of my deceased pets on my altar. I also have a photo of my grandfather on my altar. It is always there, next to the racoon skull. This is what feels right for me. I have left offerings and prayed to them.

So now that you may have a general idea of who to call on, the next point is when to call on them. Well the easy answer is when you meditate at your altar, are in a ritual, and to try to do it everyday. This is to keep up a relationship with them. They want to be heard, acknowledged. The love they felt for you doesn’t cease because they are dead. It still exists.


I am still in favour of purple or deep blue. I wear purple a lot and black even more so. I have to take Wednesday Addam’s side on this one. I get gawked at when I wear my goth velvet gown but who cares? Let them stare. I bask in it. Why should I hide an aspect of myself to look like every other Walmart customer? Perish the thought. Spirits are attracted to those who stand out from the crowd. Black attracts spirits. Black is slinky and mysterious, looks cool, and can make you look more intelligent. Just watch a black cat some time. Watch her slink and prowl, strut and groom herself. But black draws energy in. When you want to pull energy towards you, it makes sense to utilize best what would make that happen.

Conversely, white draws energy away from you. When I had to perform a serious banishing/ cleansing of my hone, I used white candles. The white light draws the energy away. Black draws it in. Deep blue or purple are also good for psychic work, I like to think that you can start a ritual/ spell with a black candle and keep it burning, but if you want to get deep into psychic work (use candles that have been dedicated to the tasks), use the deep blue or purple candles. But a black candle will help draw spirits to you for a seance or skull dedication ritual.

The colour of the candle is crucial and so is the type or shape and size of the candle. Larger candles leave you with more time to do your psychic work. Taper candles should be allowed to burn within a safe vessel. Put a long candle in a hurricane glass. Do use safety when burning candles Keep in mind its not cool to be evicted during cold weather season and suddenly searching for a new apartment because your candle burned the place down.

A black altar cloth, with a silver pentacle, silver or bronze athame, and glass candleholders can look so magical. But bronze daggers don’t scare off spirits. Silver and iron turns off spirits. That is just something to keep in mind. Fairies hate iron!! Just ask Maleficient.

I personally would find a bronze dagger to be hard to find here, unless I order it online. Most daggers or athames and even bolines though are silver. Not many people are aware that bronze athames attract spirits. If you want to hold a seance or other similar type of divination session, then do try to acquire a bronze athame or use a wooden wand. Wooden wands would not scare them off.

Consider the moon phase and planetary rulers when performing your magick too. The waxing to full moon is an ideal time. The waning moon can be for cleansing your home of unwanted negative energies. The dead are around all the time. They are dead, they face eternity. They can be called on anytime. Just make sure that when you call on them, you have something serious to request of them or to make an offering of honey, beans, herbs, or wine, etc. Be solemn and respectful. They will be the same way to you. Never diss the dead. Showing respect ensures a harmonious relationship with them. They can inflict some damage on you if you diss them. They don’t share our reality or rules. Trust me on this.

With all these pointers, you are well on your way to a successful divination session. Enjoy!

Blessings, Lady Spiderwitch