Divine Divinations



Merry meet all,

Necromantic Divination

Necromantic Divination can be an awesome way to connect to your loved ones. I hesitate to use the word ‘ancestors’ because it has such an implication of ancient ancestors. That’s not what I am talking about here. I mean the ones who have passed on who were close to you in life, even pets. I have photos of my deceased pets on my altar. I also have a photo of my grandfather on my altar. It is always there, next to the racoon skull. This is what feels right for me. I have left offerings and prayed to them.

So now that you may have a general idea of who to call on, the next point is when to call on them. Well the easy answer is when you meditate at your altar, are in a ritual, and to try to do it everyday. This is to keep up a relationship with them. They want to be heard, acknowledged. The love they felt for you doesn’t cease because they are dead. It still exists.


I am still in favour of purple or deep blue. I wear purple a lot and black even more so. I have to take Wednesday Addam’s side on this one. I get gawked at when I wear my goth velvet gown but who cares? Let them stare. I bask in it. Why should I hide an aspect of myself to look like every other Walmart customer? Perish the thought. Spirits are attracted to those who stand out from the crowd. Black attracts spirits. Black is slinky and mysterious, looks cool, and can make you look more intelligent. Just watch a black cat some time. Watch her slink and prowl, strut and groom herself. But black draws energy in. When you want to pull energy towards you, it makes sense to utilize best what would make that happen.

Conversely, white draws energy away from you. When I had to perform a serious banishing/ cleansing of my hone, I used white candles. The white light draws the energy away. Black draws it in. Deep blue or purple are also good for psychic work, I like to think that you can start a ritual/ spell with a black candle and keep it burning, but if you want to get deep into psychic work (use candles that have been dedicated to the tasks), use the deep blue or purple candles. But a black candle will help draw spirits to you for a seance or skull dedication ritual.

The colour of the candle is crucial and so is the type or shape and size of the candle. Larger candles leave you with more time to do your psychic work. Taper candles should be allowed to burn within a safe vessel. Put a long candle in a hurricane glass. Do use safety when burning candles Keep in mind its not cool to be evicted during cold weather season and suddenly searching for a new apartment because your candle burned the place down.

A black altar cloth, with a silver pentacle, silver or bronze athame, and glass candleholders can look so magical. But bronze daggers don’t scare off spirits. Silver and iron turns off spirits. That is just something to keep in mind. Fairies hate iron!! Just ask Maleficient.

I personally would find a bronze dagger to be hard to find here, unless I order it online. Most daggers or athames and even bolines though are silver. Not many people are aware that bronze athames attract spirits. If you want to hold a seance or other similar type of divination session, then do try to acquire a bronze athame or use a wooden wand. Wooden wands would not scare them off.

Consider the moon phase and planetary rulers when performing your magick too. The waxing to full moon is an ideal time. The waning moon can be for cleansing your home of unwanted negative energies. The dead are around all the time. They are dead, they face eternity. They can be called on anytime. Just make sure that when you call on them, you have something serious to request of them or to make an offering of honey, beans, herbs, or wine, etc. Be solemn and respectful. They will be the same way to you. Never diss the dead. Showing respect ensures a harmonious relationship with them. They can inflict some damage on you if you diss them. They don’t share our reality or rules. Trust me on this.

With all these pointers, you are well on your way to a successful divination session. Enjoy!

Blessings, Lady Spiderwitch




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