Morrigan in Clay


Merry meet all,

On my parent blog, Broomsticks & Cauldrons, I reached 600 posts on the blog in total. I think this is cause for celebration! I hope to continue successfully on both blogs. I appreciate the support I receive from my readers. I ate a few slices of homemade iced chocolate cake to celebrate!

I’m still trying to edit my novel. I hope to wrap up things soon. I have made progress with the macro editing now it is more getting close to the micro editing. I love and hate this project.

And I’m still learning more about witchcraft and the paranormal.

I bought red and black clay today to craft a Morrigan statue. I seesawed with the decision to buy or make one. If I bought one, I would need to come up with cash I didn’t have. If I made my own, I could get to know her better, work in herbs, dedicate a stone, and dedicate other objects to her. I also support local witch shops for the stones and herbs I bought to craft the clay goddess. I think making it is the best decision and I plan to inform you all and post photos when I am done. I will dedicate the statue to Morrigan on the coming Full Moon. But today is not the right day for it. I want to add red wine to the statue and work in juniper berries, mugwort, ivy, rue, graveyard dirt and rosemary. 

Now see? if I bought it, I’d be missing out on all that. Of course, this all implies I need to get off my lazy butt. The Morrigan doesn’t suffer lazy little brats. She is no goddess to trifle with. I am not lazy but lately I have been a little slack. I can’t wait to see how this works. But I do look forward to it. 

Blessings, Lady Spiderwitch )O(