Dark Musings


Merry meet all,

The moon is waxing growing to full. This will be the first full moon of the year. I have submitted the final galley edits for my short story in the Wax and Wane anthology: A Gathering of Witchy Tales to be published by Nosetouch Press. I can’t wait till the book is released. I want to buy a hardcover copy too. I prefer hardcover to paperback as it is so much more old school, classy and more long lasting.

My cat’s sleeping on the bookcase. Her litter box is all clean. She is a content kitty cat. My guinea pig is rustling about in his cage.

Neighborhood Witch, the new Witch shop in town here, has just expanded its size on the second floor of the building. I am happy that there is a new Witch shop in town. It’s just what we needed. I love the shop and am so excited that I can find herbs and black candles or books.

Imbolc approaches. I shall post more on my parent blog about Imbolc, so if you want some info on that, you can look there. I saw a cool tarot deck called Ravens Prophecy Tarot. I really like it and I want to get it because I want to connect to the Morrigan. So since the deck is about ravens and prophecy, I think it would be perfect. Also, BookMark has Poe (Edgar Allan Poe) socks set aside for me. I don’t know if I will ever wear them because they would wear out so fast so they will just be a collector’s item kind of thing. I love Edgar Allan Poe and his writing. He’s a writer after my own heart.

Till next time, blessings

Lady Spiderwitch )O(



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