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Merry meet all,

Spring is in the air. We depart from winter’s dark cold hold and are ushered into the joys of spring. Today is my adorable familiar cat’s Adoption Birthday. Penny is now six according to her adoption birthday date. Penny would now be six years old. Little rascal.

While I revel in the dark half of the year, I can’t help but gawk at my garden, impatiently waiting for the heart stirring signs of spring. The daffodils, hyacinth, tulips, snowdrops and crocuses herald spring in my garden.

Some things won’t change. I still honor my ancestors, I still wear black a lot and black nail polish- well, not as I type, and I still want to burn black candles. But there is a purpose behind what I do. Black is the ultimate color to me that draws spirits or energy towards me. Black holds energy whereas a white candle releases it. But I am not one to argue with a warmer season. It gives you so much freedom. But black also looks cool. I am so in the habit of it I barely even think of it anymore. I wear jeans for twenty minutes before I have to put on my goth witchy garb. The image I show is what I want others to see.

I have been trying a new method of reaching out to spirits that I found in the newest issue of Witches and Pagans magazine. They published my poem! You need a simple tarot cloth, a tarot deck, crystals, a candle- and you can choose the colour or shape of the candle, and incense if you prefer. You have to ground and centre yourself then pick a significator card that represents the spirit/s you wish to reach. You think of a question then pick cards till your questions are answered. When you sense it is over, then you ground and centre again. Clean the area up and let your candle and incense burn down. The candle and incense follow your intent so it is good to let them burn down to avoid confusing them. Choose candles and incense that correspond to contacting spirits. I am sure you will enjoy performing this type of necromancy.

The next turn in the Wheel of the Year is Ostara, the second Spring Sabbat. A solar equinox occurs soon. The Full Moon just passed and now the moon wanes, till it turns to new moon.

Blessed be, Lady Spiderwitch )O(

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