Merry meet all,

The Wax and Wane anthology has been released to a chorus of fans. I am so happy to be published!

The Spring Equinox is coming up soon. Already, sprouts are showing in my garden. Spring is all about new growth, new chances, new everything. It will be fun to get to work on my garden again.

Now’s the time to plant those ‘bane’ seeds! Grow herbs that correspond that are witchy, magickal,  and dark, such as mandrake, mugwort, rue, parsley, moonwort, and moonflower. Spring doesn’t have to mean forgetting the dark stuff entirely. By the time fall returns, you will have a whole abundant harvest of herbs for your magickal workings. What could be more exciting than that? Check my previous posts for more information on witchy herbs. 

Tonight is the Full Moon. The incense for today is marjoram. When you do the esbat working tonight, ask the Goddess to bless seeds for new growth and abundance in your life and plants  or garden, if you have one. Ask for positive change this spring and summer. 

This Full Moon is specially marked by an eclipse. The Full Moon of March is known as The Hawk Moon and Storm Moon. The 2nd moon is in Scorpio and changes to Libra. The Lunar Eclipse occurs at 7:74 am. I didn’t see it because today is rainy and overcast. 

So get your gardening tools out, clean the yard, do a spring cleaning of your home and remember to keep the critters off your pets!! Embrace change. Embrace spring. 

Blessings, Lady Spiderwitch 



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