Accepting Death


Merry meet all,

Death. A door we must all pass through when our time comes. Only the kicker is, we never know when we are going to die. Yes I will write this here. Yes I will be this bold. 

I contacted a local witch shop here and I couldn’t believe the response when I asked for Dittany of Crete. This is a problem I have run into a few times since accepting and studying necromancy. It is not accepted here nor barely practiced. It is treated like it is evil. It is a dark art of witchcraft. So I have to now order herbs from a store online like Hex: Old Word Witchery. I don’t think I will bother fighting for the acceptance of it locally here, just keep practicing it for myself. I also like black candles and to honor my ancestors. 

When I told a friend about it, he told me it was the pentagram pointed downwards. I disagreed with him and then saw that I couldn’t change his mind. Why is what I do seen as a such a bad thing? I don’t understand it but I do understand that most ‘pagans’ would rather practice cute fluffy bunny Wicca. I don’t see that being the same as traditional witchcraft. 

So I did some reading and research. I was surprised to discover that in traditional witchcraft, you don’t have to cast a circle. I guess that what I do is a blend of both traditional witchcraft and a type of kitchen witchery and Wicca. But I like traditional witchcraft because I think it speaks more to me. The more I get into it, the more I once again seem different from those who practice earth worshipping Wiccans. I have nothing against caring for the earth but using a skull, pricking your finger, and burning black candles resonates to me on a deep level. 

I want to find out how to make my own black candles. I want the black wax. I may have to just buy it. I found out that Hex: Old World Witchery located in Salem and New Orleans not only embraces necromancy but sells products just meant for practicing that very type of magic. So I shall save my pennies and stock up on …. provisions. At last, I feel understood. I searched for something different and what truly resonated with me and I found it. I am just at odds with those here who outright criticize me for what I do. 

Let them talk. I will do what I truly feel I should do. I have heard people say that they don’t like tarot or occult decks portraying the darker gods/ goddesses. How awful. You can’t have the light without the dark and vice versa. Or that poetry can’t be about the Goddess Morrigan. I love Hecate, Kali, Persephone and the Morrigan. You may as well diss the Crone! She connects to and is the threads of the dark half of the year. How can you not acknowledge her or the other goddesses? So I shall call on and I do call on Hecate for protection and the Morrigan for strength. I have tried to be in the coven here but I am at odds with that. They do what they do in their way and nothing wrong with that. But I like to do this and if it means going it alone, fine. 

I heard that two young people used an Ouija board and one of them called the spirit a- I apologize for this language, they called it the b-word. I never disrespect the dead. I have a deep respect for the dead. I cleaned up litter in a cemetery. I never stomp on graves. My respect for the dead runs deep inside me. They were misguided and inexperienced. It only comes with experience. And they give me a hard time. 

I love wearing dark romantic clothing. It empowers me. It is also related to why I do what I do. I love wearing black and purple. The color black draws in energy. Purple I see as also a dark romantic powerful color. 

I have only ever just always wanted to be accepted. Now I shall take the next step and accept myself and claim my power. Strength comes from within. Only there shall I find it. Only there shall I find the acceptance I crave. 

Blessings, Lady Spiderwitch )O(



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