Merry meet all,

Today is a special day.  I own a Hecate statue! I just brought her home today. Prior to this, I prepared my life and home for her arrival. I cleaned an altar spot, meditated and prayed, and learned about her. This was important. 

She now resides on her permanent altar spot. I prepared the altar with an owl statue, a skull figurine, incense, some amethyst stones, the clay snake figurine I made, and a pretty purple altar cloth. I set my ghosts and spirits tarot deck there too. 

At the witch shop earlier, as I held the statue, I felt chills. The chills ran up my arms. I felt the power when I held the statue. I carefully balanced my backpack- sorry, Hecate, all the way home. My cat/ familiar Penny tried to rub her scent in on the statue. 

I live in cat and crow-and spirit central. I have been visited by spirits and maybe have a few resident spirits here. If you don’t believe me, then explain please how a heavy small cast-iron cauldron falls from a fridge on its ownsome, how a shadow person walked thru cupboard doors and don’t even get my started on the spirits and energies outside.

I don’t fear the chthonic underworld. Nay not me. But if you recall my posts and my passions in life, it should be no surprise.

I don’t fear skulls. I embrace the darker side of witchcraft. I hope she feels at home here. I can hear a crow now and a few dogs have come to me today or been seen. I live not far from a cemetery. A tree in my garden gives off a certain albeit harmless energy. There’s a certain strong energy at Samhain on the nature trail.

She should adjust to her new home nicely.

I asked the witch dolls, my pets, and the resident spirits in here to welcome Hecate into her new home. I hope all goes well. I plan to soon leave her offerings and to continue to meditate and pray. 

Blessings, Lady Spiderwitch )O(

The Power of Self-expression


Merry meet all,

Recently I sewed myself a short black cape. I found some awesome black material. The cape is lined with a hood. My Mother helped sew it, which I am grateful for, because she is the ultimate sewing expert. The cape is beautiful. I wear a lot of dresses with flowing sleeves or something witchy. I wanted a cape, in black of course, to wear for that reason. All I need now is warmer weather.

I wear my black wool cloak out a lot. I can wear anything with my black cloak. I always wear my black witchy skirts, black leggings and black cardigans. I love wearing black. I like wearing blue and purple or green too. But I mostly wear black. I like to express my individual style. I have noticed that most people don’t care that I’m wearing a cloak. They leave me alone for that reason, which is the way I like it most of the time.

I must look weird to other people. Someone called me the grim reaper for wearing a black cloak. I still wear my cloak, which was a gift from another witch. The cloak is beautiful. I think cloaks keep you warmer than the more common black puffy coats I detest. I would donate mine if it wasn’t such an awesome coat for rainy days. I put it in storage because I feel like I’m expressing my true self when I am wearing it. Also, spirits are drawn to those who express themselves in such a way.

Here’s a photo of my new beautiful short cape:


Feel free to express your true self! Be yourself. Be true to your sense of style. Only you can be you. You have this one lifetime to be the person you can be.

Blessings, Lady Spiderwitch

The Healing Energy of Home


Merry meet all,

The moon’s waxing in the night sky. There is a nature trail behind my apartment. I went for a walk on the trail. I enjoy the walk because I can relax and release stress and connect with Spirit and nature. I love that I can destress and connect to what speaks to my heart so close to where I live. I also had a meditative soak and I feel so good. It’s important to relax and open ourselves up -and not just exist on the Internet. A computer has no soul. A tree, the wind, the water, a flame is Life. That will always help you in what you need to do and to find and what you need to heal.


You can heal here. Nova Scotia has an awesome energy here. By energy, I mean what I feel in the air and the whole feel of the place. It is in the ocean and the trees. It is in the different cultures and communities- Africville, the French Acadian culture, the Gaelic community and revival, the Native American, and everything else. Nova Scotia is a peninsula with two big areas- the mainland and Cape Breton. But even in Cape Breton, the other half of Nova Scotia, you have a mix of the above cultures and communities. Its amazing. There is the Buddhist community, the Witch community and a strong French culture, and the Gaelic culture. I love it here because with this totally separate yet connected community of cultures, there is such a diversity. I believe the diversity defines this place.

The other way Nova Scotia rocks is that the pace of life is different here. I love the pace and lifestyle. We are laid back about things and its ok if something takes a long time to happen, because it will. Stores open at 10 am not 9 am- well, some do. There is a strong love for nature. Nova Scotia is nature. A lot of people move here to retire because Nova Scotia has a quiet energy that sneaks up on you to ensnare your heart without you knowing it. You can easily lose track of time and lose yourself wandering among trees on a hiking path or find yourself reading a book in the Public Gardens. Hours pass.

With that part of you falling in love with the picturesque scenery here, comes the healing of your heart. I felt it too. Yup I am and have been for years in love with Nova Scotia. It cast its pin into my heart and it is there for good. I am home. Oh come on, who can resist strolling along the harbor front watching the ocean waves roll back and forth or stroll along the sea shore by a beach? I don’t understand how some can move away and leave this.


In some parts of Pleasant Bay, in Cape Breton, I walked in the trees and on the paths. I felt the energy there. I felt it in my bones. By the main house, there is a copse of trees. I walk in that copse of trees. It is dark and cool. The trees arch overhead, casting shadow. The roots protrude from the thicket of pine cones and twigs underfoot. The whole place reeks of spiritual energy. I believe that is what attracted the Buddhist community to build their temple there.

Pleasant Bay is an old and magical place. It is steeped in magick. I wouldn’t be surprised if at one time long ago, elves and Ents lived here. I believe I see fairies flitting like lights among the trees. I have sensed their presence when they lead me to a clearing or a path. It did happen once. They were invisible but they tugged me by the hand and led me to a spot where birds chirped on the ground. I tell no lie. I have seen the Northern Lights, blue lightning flash over the ocean and witnessed the changes of the seasons. Snow or autumn leaves, the place manages to remain constantly picturesque perfect. In the summer, the sunsets are more beautiful than the previous evenings. The air is alive with the humming of bees. The air is also fragrant with the potent scents of wild roses, spruce and pine, and the ocean scent. So that takes some beating. I haven’t been there in months and I don’t know when I will return. However, in the mean time, I am content with the nature trail and my garden. It is a great way to escape and relieve stress and remember myself. It speaks to me and to my soul.

Nothing else could make me as happy the way this place does. Nova Scotia is heavily steeped in spiritual energy. That may be due to the powerful ley lines here. You can see them in the photo below. The ley lines run through where I live and in Cape Breton.


I think it’s easy to see why I love it here so strongly. The potpourri of culture, community and Spirit together make up what this place is and what it means to me and to many others.

Blessings Lady Spiderwitch