The Power of Self-expression


Merry meet all,

Recently I sewed myself a short black cape. I found some awesome black material. The cape is lined with a hood. My Mother helped sew it, which I am grateful for, because she is the ultimate sewing expert. The cape is beautiful. I wear a lot of dresses with flowing sleeves or something witchy. I wanted a cape, in black of course, to wear for that reason. All I need now is warmer weather.

I wear my black wool cloak out a lot. I can wear anything with my black cloak. I always wear my black witchy skirts, black leggings and black cardigans. I love wearing black. I like wearing blue and purple or green too. But I mostly wear black. I like to express my individual style. I have noticed that most people don’t care that I’m wearing a cloak. They leave me alone for that reason, which is the way I like it most of the time.

I must look weird to other people. Someone called me the grim reaper for wearing a black cloak. I still wear my cloak, which was a gift from another witch. The cloak is beautiful. I think cloaks keep you warmer than the more common black puffy coats I detest. I would donate mine if it wasn’t such an awesome coat for rainy days. I put it in storage because I feel like I’m expressing my true self when I am wearing it. Also, spirits are drawn to those who express themselves in such a way.

Here’s a photo of my new beautiful short cape:


Feel free to express your true self! Be yourself. Be true to your sense of style. Only you can be you. You have this one lifetime to be the person you can be.

Blessings, Lady Spiderwitch


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