Merry meet all,

Today is a special day.  I own a Hecate statue! I just brought her home today. Prior to this, I prepared my life and home for her arrival. I cleaned an altar spot, meditated and prayed, and learned about her. This was important. 

She now resides on her permanent altar spot. I prepared the altar with an owl statue, a skull figurine, incense, some amethyst stones, the clay snake figurine I made, and a pretty purple altar cloth. I set my ghosts and spirits tarot deck there too. 

At the witch shop earlier, as I held the statue, I felt chills. The chills ran up my arms. I felt the power when I held the statue. I carefully balanced my backpack- sorry, Hecate, all the way home. My cat/ familiar Penny tried to rub her scent in on the statue. 

I live in cat and crow-and spirit central. I have been visited by spirits and maybe have a few resident spirits here. If you don’t believe me, then explain please how a heavy small cast-iron cauldron falls from a fridge on its ownsome, how a shadow person walked thru cupboard doors and don’t even get my started on the spirits and energies outside.

I don’t fear the chthonic underworld. Nay not me. But if you recall my posts and my passions in life, it should be no surprise.

I don’t fear skulls. I embrace the darker side of witchcraft. I hope she feels at home here. I can hear a crow now and a few dogs have come to me today or been seen. I live not far from a cemetery. A tree in my garden gives off a certain albeit harmless energy. There’s a certain strong energy at Samhain on the nature trail.

She should adjust to her new home nicely.

I asked the witch dolls, my pets, and the resident spirits in here to welcome Hecate into her new home. I hope all goes well. I plan to soon leave her offerings and to continue to meditate and pray. 

Blessings, Lady Spiderwitch )O(


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