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Herb Gardening


Merry meet all,

Recently I bought a white skull candle, skeleton keys, a new smudge stick, black candles, and a book all about the magnificent Goddess Hekate. I can’t wait to read the book. I have so many to read but it is on my list. I did just finish reading the book The Witches’ Ointment by Hastis. I couldn’t put the book down. I do recommend the book if you have ever wanted to know the story behind witches ointments in history. 

My garden is beautiful and getting full. Yesterday I planted my new morning glory seeds, moonflower and nasturtium seeds. Most of the perennials are growing now.  I planted oregano, sage, thyme, chamomile and basil. I do plan to use a little bit of the herbs for magic or mundane purposes. My lavender and sage didn’t survive the winter. So I have to buy another lavender. I guess I should overwinter the lavender indoors. The parsley survived the winter indoors. Parsley is a masculine plant, ruled by the Air Element, and its ruling planet is Mercury. Parsley is associated with purification and protection and in some cases with death and evil. The herbs are planted where they will receive full sun. 

Herbs are an important part of magic. They can be prepared so many ways and for so many different intentions. Herbs have been used in magic for millenia. I hope you all find a way to use herbs in magic, whether that be in tinctures or other potions. Now is the time to start your own herb seedlings, whatever type of herb you choose to grow. 

If you do buy herb seedlings, go with your instincts when selecting them. I had a hard time deciding between two kinds of thyme. I stood there for a few minutes debating which one to adopt. In the end, I decided on silver thyme. Pick healthy herbs and have your spot in the garden all ready for them once you get your herbs home. Remember to water and fertilize the herbs and remove any stones before planting. We underestimate a plant’s root system because often we never see the roots. It is OK to spread the plant roots just prior to planting. You can add crystals to the hole where you are planting the herb/s for a burst of good energy. Bless the plant after planting it. To learn how to work more magickally with your plant, read Plant Spirit Familiar by Christopher Penczak. Lastly, do appreciate the beauty of the herbs. If you let them flower, it will attract bees. Don’t use any pesticides! That kills off the beneficial insects. Pests develop a resistance to the chemicals. Like it or not, insects will make your garden their home, their playground! So accept it and learn to work with energies, faeries, insects, what have you because they will soon trust you and depend on you. 

You provide a shelter, a habitat when you start a garden. A doe and a raccoon have visited my yard. Countless insects have made their home in my garden. I let them be. They – most of them, except for slugs, help my plants grow. Pesticides would destroy all that. If you see eggs on a plant, rinse them off with soapy dish soap and water. Try using copper wire or egg shells to deter pests or grow nasturtiums. Try natural strategies for controlling pests. The best defence really is healthy plants. Healthy plants resist disease and pests. Take good care of your herb garden. 

With all this work, you should have a happy thriving garden (or ecosystem). Whether you prefer a traditional herb garden or a Goth garden, they all require care. Try the above methods listed and you should have success. Good luck gardening!

Gpth Garden

Blessings, Lady Spiderwitch )O(




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Witchy news


Merry meet all,

Great news!

I won a novel from the publishing company Dark Regions Press last fall. It was a long wait to receive the book but I don’t have to wait much longer. The novel is The Night Show by the esteemed late author Richard Laymon. I can’t wait to have it!! I shall keep my eyes peeled on my snail mail/ owl mail box. 

My poem about ‘Hecate’ will be published in the upcoming anthology ‘The Dark Ones: Tales and Poems of the Shadow Gods’ published by Bibliotheca Alexandrina. My other poem, a children’s poem,  A Saw Bug’s Toil, will be published in the children’s’ poetry anthology Whispers of Mermaids and Wonderful Things by Nimbus Publishing. OK Nimbus Publishing is the top premier publishing company in Atlantic Canada! This is a real awesome forward movement for my writing career. So this is good news. 

My gothy Halloween tree aptly named Skellington now doesn’t glow. I am not happy about that. The minute it was spring, the tree lights stopped glowing. I am bummed out. I will buy new lights in October. 

I just finished reading two fascinating books about the -what else?, the paranormal! The first one that I just devoured like chocolate cake- well, they both tasted good, was Summoning Spirits by Konstantinos and the second book was Bloody Mary’s Guide to Hauntings, Horrors and Dancing with the Dead. Her book focuses on the ghosts and spirits of New Orleans. I couldn’t put the book down. I also loved the other book. I plan to try the meditations and exercises in Konstantinos’ book. Oh yeah for sure. I love anything to do with the paranormal. Which brings me to my next topic. 

Did anyone see the The Witch movie? I hated it and don’t wish to see it again. I am not at all about to sign my name in the Devil’s book. Nope. We witches don’t do that stuff. That is what they believe. But that doesn’t make it true. 

However, I just want to say that that movie hit home on a few levels. If you read my earliest posts, I know what it is like to grow up with depending on a wood stove for survival. I know about gathering wood, seasoning it, and drying it. I know how to use a woodstove. I know what it is like to be isolated in the woods at nature’s mercy. 

I also know a lot about witchcraft. Only someone who has been through what I have been through can possibly understand what it is like to survive in the woods. I have been forced to be dependent on having enough wood, enough heat, and to grow food to eat. IfI had to live in the woods on my own, I could do it. Most people are clueless. I have seen wildlife and watched a family butcher a chicken. I have seen my brother gut a big fish. I have gone fishing, horseback riding, and survived being stranded in Pleasant Bay because the roads were too icy to drive on. Don’t even get me started on the cabin fever. 

That is why the movie affected me strongly. I have been there. I know what it is like to be there. There was no diabolical goat to tempt me into signing my name into the black book. No, but we had herds of moose that trotted onto our front decks! 

I don’t like the movie but I thought it would be cool to share what I said above. That isn’t what witchcraft as we know it is about. 

Hopefully someday Hollywood will get it right

Spooky blessings, Lady Spiderwitch 

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