Dark faery Garden Tips


Merry meet all,

Its hard to believe October is 4 months away. Before you whip out the black and orange altar cloths and dream of carving pumpkins, remember that summer is fun too.  I like to think spirits and ghosts are only around during October, seeing as the veil at that time is so thin.

Litha is a magical time, as magical as October. The fairies are about now and if you are as lucky as me, the fairies and nature spirits are helping me to grow my garden. They may be working hard protecting your garden! Here is how to tell:

You see flashes of light and tell yourself it’s just the sunlight. You see your plants or garden being more beautiful than the other gardens nearby. Animals and insects flit, play and feel very comfortable in your garden, more than other gardens. Animals and insects would trust faeries! You notice small gifts in your garden or even mushrooms! Gifts include thimbles, flowers growing in spots you didn’t plant them in. This is a big one: Something invisible take your hand-that’s a faery! Birds come closer to you. Dragonflies, butterflies and various birds are drawn to your garden- keep those feeders full! Try to concentrate (though not too hard) on the auspicious signs- certain spots of energy in your garden are either positive or negative or something else. You sense a cry for a healing and leave a crystal there in the garden where you sense its needed. This  is the work of fairies. 

Help them and the faeries will help you! Don’t use harsh pesticides. Grow strong healthy plants and you won’t need pesticides. The beneficial insects perish first from those chemicals. Pest insects develop resistances to the chemicals. Too many pests and no garden. Compost some of your food. Let the leaves lie on your garden all winter, providing insulation for your plants. Mow the grass regularly or consider growing a lawn of woodruff, violets or clover-attracts bees. Think of bees as hardworking faeries! Keep the bird feeder clean. Buy heirloom seeds rather than hybrid seeds. 

Gpth Garden

For the fans of dark fairies, try to attract them too! Grow black or purple flowers. Grow mandrake, moonwort, rue, sage, mugwort, and wormwood. I love it that the moon shines over my apartment not just the sun! I literally step out on the lawn/ driveway and worship the full moon when it’s full right outside my door. 

Ask your chosen deity/ God or Goddess to assist you in growing your garden. You might be amazed at how they will help you in your garden!

With all of this in mind, your dark faery garden will be beautiful!

Blessings, Lady Spiderwitch )O(