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Spiders and black hollyhocks


Merry meet all,

I managed to get a jet black hollyhock seed to germinate. I planted the seed in a peat pot. So far out of several seeds, only one has germinated. However, when the plant blossoms, I can save the seeds from that plant. Black hollyhocks are as witchy as mandrake and mugwort. Gothy too. If you start seeds in peat pots, you have more control over the germination rate. And black flowers just proves how much I love the darkness. 

An insect sits on the outside window, twitching its antennae. I wonder why insects stay for so long in one spot on a window. Every August with swiss watch precision, spiders take over the garden. Spiders are amazing architects. I have to take a broom to my garden to get to my plants. Sometimes a spider builds a web outside my window to catch moths. I see the spider catch moths and it’s never a pretty sight. I love spiders because they are one of my totem animals or- insects. They have always protected me. 

Spiders are probably one of the worlds’ best predators. Where would be we without them? They control the insect population. People fear spiders for good reason but should view spiders as beneficial predators. I’ve always had a soft spot for the darker side of nature and the paranormal.

If a spider wanders into your home, I hope the Fates stomp on  you if you kill it ( not too harshly). Be grateful for your new wise quiet and patient predator companion. They get the other bugs. 

October is 4 months away! Are you counting the days till Samhain yet? (I’m more excited currently about my garden). When August arrives, I get excited about Samhain. 

The moon is in its waxing phase. Now is the time to concentrate on attracting a new goal or manifesting that new job or car. The Full Moon is catching up. 

I have just finished reading an excellent book about Hekate. I am in the midst of finishing reading the second one. There’s a third book about Hekate at the bookstore. I am trying to get to know her better. She is a powerful Goddess and she doesn’t take no for an answer. She makes no apology and will cause changes to happen in your home once you welcome her in. She amazes me. 

Yesterday I carried my Hecate statue out to my garden to bless my pumpkin seedling. I hope the blessing encourages the pumpkin vine to grow. It doesn’t seem to be doing much right now. 

If you can’t wait for Samhain, then Opperman’s Poe ish poetry can scratch your itch for Halloween poetry. I couldn’t put the book down. The book is titled The Crimson Tome and is well worth the read. I love his style of poetry. He is clear and easy to read but the gothy poems will sweep you away to a gothy manor on weather beaten moors. So grab that book and either download it on your Kindle or read the print version. 

Blessings, Lady Spiderwitch )O(

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