Merry meet all,

Last night, I did a tarot reading for someone. She used to live in my old hometown Pleasant Bay, the setting for the horror novel. I was very happy to do a reading for her. The cards were very accurate too. I also liked the positive energy from her and from the reading. It differed very much from the reading I did for a man prior to this one. That was a bad experience. I can’t reveal here what the reading was about here but I got him to sit outside on the picnic bench in the misty rain. He made me uneasy.

My whole point here is that as an empath, I detect certain energies from people. We all have our energies. We all give off different energies when we are at home, at work and at school or on a bus. A bus is a great place to sense energies and vibrations from people. I sometimes hop off a bus to escape the overwhelming energies from everyone. I sense it all the time. Over time, I have met and overcome challenges associated with sensing energies from people.

I used to fume on the bus and be sooo angry. I would storm home, slam open the door and snarl at my pets. One day,  I realized what I was doing. I realized I didn’t have to own the energy once I got off the bus. Now I stroll home, feeling more in control than ever before, and calmly unlock the door to greet my pets awaiting the return of their faithful servant. It is better than how I was doing before.

Once a reading is over, I often sage the house. I clean beforehand but the act of smudging removes any potential harmful energies after the querent has left. With the person I read for who originated from my hometown, I didn’t need to smudge as she was so awesome. But the man I read for that was so unhappy with his life. Oh there was a huge difference between the two.

We all have to be responsible for what energy we send out but also know we don’t own the energy from others. It is up to us sensitives what we do with it.

Tomorrow night a lunar eclipse is occurring, the moon’s waxing and it grows closer to October. I recently watched the two horror movies, The Babadook and The Boy. I liked The Boy much better. I couldn’t finish watching The Babadook as I have pets. Sorry nope. No way. The Boy was much more enjoyable. I also am in love with The Magicians, a spin off of the Harry Potter movies. But I don’t own a TV so I guess I have to get the dvd sets to watch the next season.

Today is Black Cat Appreciation Day. Hug that black cat that just innocently crossed your path!!! Make the kitty purr.

Blessed Be, Lady Spiderwitch )O(

Coffins, cookies and kettles- oh my!


Merry meet all,

I love my new gothy plant marker. Its made of Polymer clay. It’s a headstone shaped grey clay plant marker. On the front of the clay headstone is a skull adorned with snakes on either side. Yes October is 3 months away. I am still excited about summer- well, I have a garden but c;mon, who can resist that? Not me. The stores fill with early Halloween treasures. I know I know…. I’ll race you! We will shop there for trinkets till we’re broke!

Tomorrow I am getting my dill and lettuce seedlings in the garden! I have to keep the clay headstone plant marker indoors. It wouldn’t hold up to the weather. Sigh.. I can hear the wind blowing in the trees outside my window. I love that sound. I managed to get two jet black hollyhocks to germinate! I don’t think I will get flowers this year but maybe next summer.

I got creative with baking recently. If you keep a sharp eye as you prowl the aisles at your local and friendly Halloween thrift store, you might find some cool Halloween cookie cutters. I mean look for the really cool ones. I have cauldron, bat, pumpkin, ghost, moon, witch, cat, haunted house, and even coffin cookie cutters. I got very inspired and baked chocolate coffin shaped cookies. Here is an awesome recipe for sugar cookies: 

Trust me, that recipe is the shit. I can finally make sugar cookies the way I have always wanted to. Here are a few more tips for those daring to try. Sprinkle flour prior to cutting your cookies on your dough, rolling pin and a plain kitchen knife. I like to tip the knife in flour then lift the cookie from the cutting surface to the cookie sheet. That makes it easy to help the cookies keep their shape. I found black frosting gel and red gel. I wrote RIP (rest in peace) and used the red gel for blood. Here is a photo of how it looked for your own inspiration at the end of this blog post. Very cool? I sure hope you think so. It was a lot of work to do but it shows you can be very creative. I also own a cool pentacle cookie press. I titled the recipe Last Bites. I submitted the recipe for publication to a gothic cookbook market. Cross your spooky paws it gets published. 

I hope to enroll or apply for my first year at the Temple of Witchcraft in Salem. I live in Canada so I would have to study online but so what? I don’t mind and can’t wait to get to say I am studying at Hogwarts haha. Just don’t ask me to drive a cart through brick. Not happening. I would take the train though and gorge on Hogwarts candy. Ha ha

I bought a cute cool cast iron kettle. I love it. I recently dedicated and blessed it with the 4 Elements of earth, air, fire and water. I couldn’t resist. I had to have it. My kitchen is complete now. I plan to brew many a potion in it. 

My poem about Hekate is to be published in an anthology!! The book is titled The Dark Ones: Tales and Poems of the Shadow Gods published by Bibliotheca Alexandrina. I can’t wait to read it. I do gravitate to the darker side of things. 

Blessings, Lady Spiderwitch )O(