Psychic Protection 101


Merry meet all,

In Halifax where I live, there’s a famous restaurant I really like. The reason why its famous is because it is apparently supposed to be haunted. The employees have experienced unusual occurrences there. I dined at the restaurant myself and was sure it was haunted. Certain parts of the restaurant seemed more haunted than others. The energy in the wine cellar buzzed. The private dining room was full of ghosts. I felt the ghosts’ presences as I ascended the steps to the second floor.

I’ve wanted to create a psychic protection booklet for some time now. Then it occurred to me that I could write it here. That is a great idea-and a great way for me to get my thoughts in order.

So now the next focus of my future blog posts will be about that. PeopleĀ  need to know more about this. I googled so many of peoples experiences with the paranormal and have noticed they had one thing in common. There wasn’t enough psychic protection knowledge or awareness. Granted, not all of the occurrences may have been true. Yet I know that if more awareness of this is made, people will have happier lives. Quite often, it can be a case of a person’s imagination run wild or a dream. Even dreams can affect how you see the world.

How can a person be expected to protect themselves or have awareness if you don’t know anything about psychic protection. I have been there and experienced odd things when I had no knowledge of what to do. How I wished I did. Now several years later, I have learned a great deal. I still haven’t mastered it but I have come a long way.

I want to help people know more about psychic protection, including how to protect yourself from negative people, how to overcome negativity, and how to protect yourself from negative encounters with spirits/ ghosts. etc.

Shall keep you posted

Blessings, Lady Spiderwitch )O(

Halloween Haunts 2016


Merry meet all,

From October 1 through to October 31 the Horror Writers Association is hosting an online event to celebrate the season of Halloween and help connect horror writers with horror readers. Most HWA members will participate in this eerie blog event. The blog posts, giveaways and book excerpts will be posted. This also helps raise the profile of the HWA, and gives the members the much needed exposure for their writing.

The blog event was a big success last year and they hope to make it a success again this year. If you want to contribute to the blog, and you are an active fearless member, you can send a blog post here and find the specific submission guidelines here: You can read past posts here on this web address: (

I enjoy the blog event Halloween Haunts. I participated last year and I was quite proud to. I wrote about performing an ancestral supper and this year I wrote about honoring our beloved dead with a small photo and candle. I honor Samhain in October and like that I can write about Samhain to show readers the wonder of the thousand year old traditional Sabbat.

I encourage you all to see what the Halloween Haunts blog event is all about in October. I shall be promoting the event here on my blog and my other social media outlets. There is also an events page for Halloween Haunts at this address: Celebrate thirty one days of Halloween blog events, excerpts and book giveaways from some of today’s best horror writers (yes, me too). Updates on the event will be posted on the event page on Faecbook regularly.

Enjoy some frightful reads during the magical month of October! Pen your own horror stories. You never know, you may be the next Mary Shelley!!!

Blessed Be, Lady Spiderwitch )O(


Positive Change


Merry meet all,

In a short matter of time, my life has changed for the better for once. I can’t believe the change. I am soon starting classes at The Temple of Witchcraft Level One. An editor is interested in publishing my novel if I make revisions, which I soon shall do. I am going to be working with Women’s’ Employment Outreach for better actual employment for the next few months.

I am happy about this change. It was hard earned, believe me. All of this has been so craved and wanted like you can’t believe it. I look forward to a busy fall season.

I have already bought and read the Temple of witchcraft book, bought a blank journal for the year, got the cd companion, and created a folder on my laptop desktop for the course. I think its an opportunity a lot of people would kill to have. I plan to printout a fresh copy of my novel and take the red pen to it all over again. I do want to achieve success which unfortunately is not done without some elbow grease.

Black skull stickers now decorate my two books about Hekate. I like to spell the name Hekate with a K. It seems more authentic that way. Stickers are fun and a great way to express ourselves, like art. I need moreĀ  stickers with a Halloween theme. If you do buy some Halloween things at a crafts store, for example, make sure they are useful and not junk. Its a better way to spend your money.

October is next month. How the time has flown! Mabon is the next turn in the Wheel of the Year. The leaves are already turning. A slight chill is in the air. I love Mabon, it’s just as magical as Samhain.

Blessings, Lady Spiderwitch )O(



Protecting your home from spooky intruders


Merry meet all,

I am sure you all, my dear readers, know how to protect your home from mortal invaders. Today I want to talk about ghosts- uninvited spooky intruders. It is just as important.

I am sure most of you know how to shield your home from ghosts. I thought I did too. Until the night I saw a shadow person. I posted pentagrams, I’ve lived here for six years and have filled my place with my energy. Sometimes all they need is a crack.The night I saw the shadow person in my home scared me. But I haven’t seen one since.

Here is a ritual you can do to keep out pesky unwanted spirits:

Gather a candle, a lemon, salt, matches or lighter, a shallow dish, and your intention for this ritual. You can either purchase a lemon-scented candle or add a few drops of lemon juice to a tealight candle. The lemon drives the spirits away. Light the candle once it is dressed. Fill the shallow dish with spring water or tap water, though spring water is preferable. Go through the house with the lemon candle first and bless each room. Next, do the same with the bowl of water. Sprinkle salt into the bowl and go through the whole home, room by room, and chant a blessing.

If you fill your home with love and good energy, and keep up your protective magickal shields, then you should be fine. Consider steeping sage tea in a teapot. Pour the sage tea around the perimeter of your entire property. Try to do this in the morning to avoid nosy neighbors. That sets a shield up to keep out negative energy.

I have good news:

I’ve been accepted into the Temple of Witchcraft Witchcraft 1: Inner Temple of Witchcraft Year one course. I am pretty excited because this is so rad and now I will be forced to be busy. Yay!!

Blessings, Lady Spiderwitch )O(