Protecting your home from spooky intruders


Merry meet all,

I am sure you all, my dear readers, know how to protect your home from mortal invaders. Today I want to talk about ghosts- uninvited spooky intruders. It is just as important.

I am sure most of you know how to shield your home from ghosts. I thought I did too. Until the night I saw a shadow person. I posted pentagrams, I’ve lived here for six years and have filled my place with my energy. Sometimes all they need is a crack.The night I saw the shadow person in my home scared me. But I haven’t seen one since.

Here is a ritual you can do to keep out pesky unwanted spirits:

Gather a candle, a lemon, salt, matches or lighter, a shallow dish, and your intention for this ritual. You can either purchase a lemon-scented candle or add a few drops of lemon juice to a tealight candle. The lemon drives the spirits away. Light the candle once it is dressed. Fill the shallow dish with spring water or tap water, though spring water is preferable. Go through the house with the lemon candle first and bless each room. Next, do the same with the bowl of water. Sprinkle salt into the bowl and go through the whole home, room by room, and chant a blessing.

If you fill your home with love and good energy, and keep up your protective magickal shields, then you should be fine. Consider steeping sage tea in a teapot. Pour the sage tea around the perimeter of your entire property. Try to do this in the morning to avoid nosy neighbors. That sets a shield up to keep out negative energy.

I have good news:

I’ve been accepted into the Temple of Witchcraft Witchcraft 1: Inner Temple of Witchcraft Year one course. I am pretty excited because this is so rad and now I will be forced to be busy. Yay!!

Blessings, Lady Spiderwitch )O(


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