Positive Change


Merry meet all,

In a short matter of time, my life has changed for the better for once. I can’t believe the change. I am soon starting classes at The Temple of Witchcraft Level One. An editor is interested in publishing my novel if I make revisions, which I soon shall do. I am going to be working with Women’s’ Employment Outreach for better actual employment for the next few months.

I am happy about this change. It was hard earned, believe me. All of this has been so craved and wanted like you can’t believe it. I look forward to a busy fall season.

I have already bought and read the Temple of witchcraft book, bought a blank journal for the year, got the cd companion, and created a folder on my laptop desktop for the course. I think its an opportunity a lot of people would kill to have. I plan to printout a fresh copy of my novel and take the red pen to it all over again. I do want to achieve success which unfortunately is not done without some elbow grease.

Black skull stickers now decorate my two books about Hekate. I like to spell the name Hekate with a K. It seems more authentic that way. Stickers are fun and a great way to express ourselves, like art. I need more  stickers with a Halloween theme. If you do buy some Halloween things at a crafts store, for example, make sure they are useful and not junk. Its a better way to spend your money.

October is next month. How the time has flown! Mabon is the next turn in the Wheel of the Year. The leaves are already turning. A slight chill is in the air. I love Mabon, it’s just as magical as Samhain.

Blessings, Lady Spiderwitch )O(




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