October’s Enchantments.


Merry meet all,

I have started my studies with the W1 2016 Temple of Witchcraft year one course. I’m getting excited. I have the course syllabus, my first lesson, and two notebooks for journaling. I’ve created a file folder on my desktop for files, which is filling up, and a special section in my email for emails from the staff at the Temple of Witchcraft. I’ve read the entire book The Inner Temple of Witchcraft, which I need to reread for my memory’s sake, and I even sewed myself a pencil case. I have to printout the pages because  I read better that way. I bought a witchy pen and a purple scented highlighter. I am ready to go!

I have also finished my besom! This morning I had the pleasure of spraying the gold colored straw a beautiful wickedly cool purple color. I love the way it looks. See the picture above. It’s amazing that a piece of driftwood from the beach, twine, a disassembled broom, and a nail could make a broom as cool as my Faeryn but it did. Yes the broom has an elfin name- Faeryn. I added the bead talisman after I painted it. 

The other good news is that the Horror Writers Association launches the Halloween Haunts blog event for 2016 starting tomorrow! I am all excited for this event. I love October. It is a love song, a morbid poem, a forbidden fruit. It is all that and more. Much more. I shall promote the event more here as time goes on. My post is on October 11th. Stay tuned for more posts on this!

In other good news, the Black Moon shines in the skies tonight. I did a cleansing ritual then I performed my intention ritual for the Temple of Witchcraft. Tonight is the second new moon of the month. The energy is strong tonight and I am enjoying it. I’m munching on roasted pumpkin seeds. Mmmm!! Next to me, my familiar Penny the cat snuggles us and snoozes. She is so cute. I am seated in a different chair because I wouldn’t dream of disturbing her. It should be my chair but I think that’s up for debate.

Blessings to all, Lady Spiderwitch )O(


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