Shields of Psychic Defense


Merry meet all,

The Halloween Haunts is underway. I am so excited about this awesome spooky blog promotion event. I’m happy to announce that I won in the Horror Writers Association Cookbook Contest! I placed as a Fiendish Finalist. I guess they liked my spooky cookies recipe. 


October is the most ideal time to contact the dead. That said, you can if  you aren’t careful, attract the wrong spirits toward you. That is why it is important to shield yourself. A seance is fun until you realize you can’t get rid of the spirit or worse, a darker spirit. There is nothing glamorous about this. It is vitally important to be careful.

When you prepare to contact spirits or want to shield your home or what have you, sit down and meditate first. Meditation clears your mind and prepares you for the work ahead. Imagine a shield around you. A white shield or a deep blue shield will work. Imagine that it is unbreakable and strong. Believe that this shield will defend you from all harm and be for your highest good.

Once you have centered and grounded yourself, then you are prepared to begin spirit work. But never try to till you have completed the above steps. Then you are more prepared to defend your home from nasty unwelcome spirits. I remember the time I saw a what I call a Shadow Person in my home. It was only for a second but it was frightening. I thought I had shields around my home. See why I talk about the importance of shields?


I steeped sage tea in a teapot and let it to sit for a few days. Under the eye of the moon, I poured the sage tea  in a circle around the entire property outside the apartment building. Its a house broken into apartments. But that is another way of building a defensive shield. Sprinkle sat on your windowsills and doors. Smudge your home every full moon. Crystals can be programmed to shield your  home.

Continue to meditate regularly. October can be a fun month to enjoy if you know how to shield yourself and your home. I will post more here about psychic defense in future posts.

Blessed Be, Lady Spiderwitch )O(


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