The Meaning of Energy


Merry meet all,

I promised to post about how to psychically protect yourself. Over the last few days, I have been thinking hard on what that really means. I recently read a blog post on another page that said psychic attack doesn’t exist. I don’t entirely agree but I don’t disagree either. I have been exposed to and suffered much verbal attack lately.

I want to know how to intuit and deflect a negative email from someone. I wish I knew. When I know the secret, I shall share it with you. We can’t determine that unfortunately, as much as we might wish to. We can determine though how we will respond to a negative hurtful message. I have received a lot of the hurtful negativity and sorely wished I had more power over all that.

First we have to realize we are responsible for our own energy. This is important. No one else is as responsible for that as we are or you are. Once we realize that, we have to hold to it. However, we are not responsible for someone else’s negative energy. That can be a huge relief, at least in my experience lately. No one can control us. No one can curse us without us allowing it.

I believe that energy is real. It exists in a cat, a guinea pig and in a crystal/ gemstone. It exists in water, air, fire and earth and spirit. They are all infinite and potent. I think we all exchange energy with us being or not being aware that we are exchanging energy with every other individual being on earth. We transfer energy, steal energy, give energy or suck energy. Energy courses over the earth. It is present when someone gives birth. It is present when a woman is heartbroken or proposed to. It is everywhere. It is all things.

Maybe we can’t see energy but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist. We can feel energy like a rush of air upon our face or the wondrous warmth of a candle flame. Energy can’t be stopped or it can be harnessed. So with all this potent invisible but constructive energy, what can we do about it? Well I have experienced a roller-coaster of emotions the last few weeks. I am still hurt but changed. That is energy’s true purpose: to transform. It can bind, release or halt. My recent experience has shown me that not all things are forever or certain or foreseeable. Life should never be predictable. Or we become zombies. To truly live, we must let go and take that leap of faith. I advise that we do try to land on our feet but as we land, we must be changed. That is what it means. Whatever we send out, we also become. Energy is bent and malleable. We must become bendable. The chaos of emotions I have experienced lately jerked me harshly out of my comfort zone. Maybe I needed to experience that to be stirred up, to learn, to be shaken. There is always a lesson to learn. Change is the only guarantee.

I hear my guinea pig or cat purr. The sound comforts me. That is a positive or paws-itive communication from my beloved fur babies. But there is also negative energy. Yin and yang, the moon waxing and waning, the corn fields withering or ripening. I live in an area where I get the four seasons. No matter how we have changed the face of the earth, I have yet to see the four seasons not happen without fail.

Energy exchanges can be extreme or gentle. I have seen horrible arguments or peaceful affection between people. I believe though that positive energy may demand more effort but is more worthwhile. It takes a lot to feel good for me in the morning. My cute pets help and so does a hot coffee or a relaxing song. Meditation can also help. I do try to meditate.

So let’s think about what energy we send out or receive. The Universe is a transmitter and so are people. Trees are transmitters of energy, the ocean and the breeze that blows in from my open bedroom window. I took the bus home today. The sky was dark. I felt uneasy. Now I am home. The lights are on. My place feels safe and bright.

As it should.

Blessings, Lady Spiderwitch )O(