The Ravine.


Merry meet all,


I have been thinking about what I want to post here. I promised to post more about psychic protection but  lately I’ve been unable to post on that subject due to me not knowing enough about it. I have decided to go with my heart and post more about Pleasant Bay, which is my passion. So look forward to tales of my adventures and herb lore and other stories here. However, I will post stuff about the paranormal here too. I am just more excited in posting what stirs my heart. I suspect you all want to hear that more from me anyway.

The photo above is taken in Pleasant Bay. I love the tiny fishing village. I haven’t been there in 3 years. I have many tales and information to share. I shall start with my getting lost in the bog. It is the first memory that comes to mind.

I love to wander the woods. On one cold  morning in April, I wandered down the ravine. That was a bad idea. My feet stung from the cold. I walked on, but to my alarm, I started to hear a squish squish sound beneath my feet. That is a bad sign. I walked on, and started to get concerned.

I perched on a protruding tree root. I looked around me and got my bearings. I didn’t like the squish beneath my feet. I sensed the water beneath the moss and soil. I imagined it was mucky and cold and unforgiving. My feet got wet in my shoes. I got my bearings and looked around. I saw the hill in front of me several feet away. I grabbed a tree branch. It broke in my hands being softer wood. I wasn’t comforted by that at all. I decided to skip across the pond of bog. Luckily I grabbed a tree branch ahead of me and it didn’t break. It was more solid wood. I then climbed the steep hill and told my Mom what happened to me. She told me it was a boggy area and to avoid it from now on.

I warmed up in front of the warm woodstove. I sipped tea and wrapped a warm blanket around me. I was much comforted to have escaped the bog.

Oh. Ok. I haven’t gone  down there since. I now remain high above on level ground and see the ravine from that safe distance. Tomorrow I will share another tale.

Blessed Be, Lady Spiderwitch )O(


Books, books and more books oh my )O(

la cat

Merry meet all,

Hail to Mighty Hecate! My poem is published in the darkly wondrous book The Dark Ones: Tales and Poems of the Shadow Gods. I plan to photocopy the poem and dedicate it to her. I enjoyed reading the whole book. I do like the darker side of things sometimes.

I also ordered two more darkly delish books to read. The 3rd Spectral Book of Horror Stories and Dark Hallows II: Tales from the Witching Hour. Both books should be a good spooky read. I found a copy of Anne Rice’s Interview with the Vampire at a book sale. I plan to read that someday too. I loved the movie. I recently bought the novel The Silver Witch by Paula Brackston on discount at my fave bookstore. So many books, so much needed time. I need a new bookcase to hold all the books I own. Its a good problem to have. I received the newest issue of Witches and Pagans magazine in the mail. So far it is fascinating in its coverage of divination.

I am happy to announce here that my short story made it into the final rounds. I submitted a short story titled ‘Skin’ to Cemetery Dance in May 2016. I submitted on special invitation from the Horror Writers Association. I never received an acceptance/ rejection letter in end of 2016. That means I made it to the final rounds. I am honored to have made it this far. Cemetery Dance published Stephen King’s stories when he was young. Wow. I hope I get good news. !!

I am trying to make headway on my paranormal novel in terms of editing it. I have made structural and grammar changes to chapters 1-3. This is why spending some time away from a ms can be beneficial. I value the book Manuscript Makeover by Elizabeth Lyons. I appreciate the tome of excellent information in those pages. I have used the book so much I had to tape the spine of the book together. I would never edit a novel without that book by my desktop. It just won’t happen. If you’re editing your own ms, buy it. Now. Like right now.

I have lots of reading and editing to do. I just need the time. I think a person has to make the time. That is the trick to it. Wish me luck

Blessed Be, Lady Spiderwitch )O(