Ouija board Experience

Merry meet all,

Today I had a neat experience. Most people fear ouija boards and for some good reason. But I don’t. I visited the local friendly Neighborhood Witch shop. I entered a section of the witch shop. What to my wondering eyes should be sitting on the glass counter top but an ouija board.

I tried it. I have an insatiable curiosity about everything in life. I held the planchette in my hand and thought about my late grandfather Alfred Timmons. I asked if he was okay and where he was. I thought that in my mind. The planchette moved. I was at first skeptical because it was my first time seeing one in my entire life.

Then the planchette did move more on its own. It moved to the upper left corner. I felt the planchette move in my hand. I held the planchette gently. It wanted to move up to the letters xy and z. I don’t know why. The witch shop does have resident spirits there. That was partly why the ouija board worked. I pulled my hand away, frightened. I stared at it with wide eyes and bated breath.

Most people believe they are evil. After that experience, I am on a high. I don’t believe they are evil. I approached the divination tool- which is what it is, with some awe and respect but no assumptions. No fire spouting demon has come after me. I want one now. Yes I will store it in my home, use it and try it with friends. Yes I will smudge, burn palo santo and draw up wards and shields. No I won’t let anyone use it for evil intentions. It depends on your intention to determine the outcome. People may have negative experiences because they believed the ouija board was an evil tool and would drastically ruin your life. They almost expect it to cause something nasty to happen. I see it differently.

I have no fear of other forms of divination. I also want a skull and decided that this one online store necromance.com would be a good choice for obtaining one. The skulls that are made of resin are much much cheaper. (Well I don’t have $2000.00. Do you? Right.) They look just like a human skull. I also want one with the lower mandible missing. To me, it would look cooler that way. A skull with a lower mandible missing can be considered silent and used to call on the dead to use in magic.

I believe that its crucial to maintain a respectful and open minded perspective towards practicing any divination. Believing that something will happen such as a car accident or a ladder collapsing on you almost determines your fate. Try having faith and being positive. This guarantees a positive outcome. 

Some people are afraid to use ouija boards or to face their own mortality. We live in a society obsessed still with wealth, status, materialism and the steeply widening gap between the rich and the poor. Witchcraft and mystical divination tools fall in between right in the cracks. 

So be happy and if you don’t feel comfortable doing divination, then don’t. You never have to do anything you don’t want to do but having respect for it helps. It protects you. Good luck in your divination !!!

Blessings, Lady Spiderwitch )O(