Coven of the Dead


It is often frustrating for me to feel like I am the only one who sees spirits. I am not only sure I do, I know I do. I just wish I could find others who take this as seriously as me.

When I go to a local ghost tour, it is frustrating because I am the only one there to see the ghosts and I usually go alone. I sometimes hate Halifax because it is so backwards here. I want to be somewhere where they see it as I do too. But unfortunately, that is not happening. $$-

I have had weird experiences that have forever altered the way I view the world, life and death and spirits/ ghosts. Again, I am alone on that one, alone in the sense of interaction or not with people. Spirit is always with me. However, I embrace this gift or ability or whatever it is called and don’t hide it and live my life the way I would like to.

I guess they –the muggles wish they could be as cool as me. Its odd to me too but I have learned to go with it. I don’t see it as a curse. I just want to find others like me. I thankfully live in a city with an active witch community. That helps. It is easy to feel alone or lose your enthusiasm for it or to even doubt yourself.

I wish they knew that it took years of suffering and experience for me to become as comfortable with myself as I am now. I have not lost time, I have gained it. It is all stepping stones. I know not where the stepping stones lead, but that is the fun. If I knew, I might not be on this journey. Life is a journey, not a destination. We are all spirits having a human experience, not the other way around. I keep judgment to myself. I rarely ever say what I think.

Whether its plants, a deceased pet’s spirit or a shadow person or bright light, I know spirits when I see them. I hate ghost hunting shows because they are a mockery. A falsehood. I never have to seek spirits out. Noooo. They will seek you out. They are around all the time, not only on October 31. Eternity stretches before them. They are dead but transcended into the next level of existence. I don’t know where we go when we die but we must do something. I hope its more than hanging out on this globe.

The misconception that the dead are only present on October 31 maddens me. They are dead. Death is a natural phase of life and final. It is as certain as concrete. If they were dead and yet earthbound, then why wouldn’t they be around all the time? My cat is relaxed in my house but I know I have a brownie/ faery around. My experiences are not limited to October 31- Samhain, but all year round. That I know. That confirms my belief that spirits aren’t limited to appearing only on October 31. It’s a strange thing to believe they could be so limited.

Spirits should be respected. I hate seeing litter in graveyards and will personally make efforts to keep it tidy. We like a clean room, why wouldn’t the dead? People buy all kinds of equipment then go on ghost hunts as if they expect the dead to be controlled. They are not to be controlled. They don’t think like we do. They follow logic of their own. But they will respond when respected and acknowledged. Seeing as they are the only ones to possess the answers to mans’ most sought after question of what happens after death, I think they do deserve the respect.

I have seen my pet’s spirits after they passed, sensed my aunt’s presence the night she passed, knew my father passed away by the sound of a phone conversation, seen them around my city, seen a ghost cat in my apartment, and heard odd sounds of objects moving only to discover nothing had been moved. I sensed the presences on October 31 when I held an ancestral supper. I got that treatment like I’m odd because my Mom isn’t into ancestral suppers but I enjoyed the evening anyway.

Whatever happens in the future, I am ready for it. Change is the only constant. I sense things from plants, hear messages from the wind, get messages from crows, and from dreams. I feel like the odd one but thank the Goddess I am a truly unique individual. The world has enough muggles in it.

Yesterday I prepared and offered a libation of milk and honey to Spirit in my garden. The spring season has sprung.  My garden is growing beautifully. The faeries and nature spirits aid my garden. We have a relationship of helping each other. I didn’t just offer the libation to nature spirits but to all spirits and even my ancestors. It is my way of honoring, thanking and acknowledging their efforts they perform for me. i have a great apartment with a herb and flower garden, and I live close to nature. A libation as an expression of gratitude is not so much to ask of me. But I believe that if they are honored they will continue to help. It they are not, then they will leave. The gifts and blessings will cease. Leaving an offering is one way to maintain the symbiosis of me and the spirits. A balance must be maintained. The insects expect my garden to continue and they either eat the plants or help them grow. But they do work on the garden. I never dump chemicals on my garden. I don’t  need to. 

I sensed the spirits when I am in the garden. The tenant who once lived here power washed the exterior of this apartment building. I sensed something and went outside. The spirits were angry. I placated them by smudging and a good dosage of reassurance. That satisfied them until the next day. This is why I leave the offerings not just of milk and honey, but gemstones, herbs, herbal infusions like sage tea for protection. My continued care for my garden and my acknowledgement of its importance encourages the spirits to help me. I feel so relaxed when I stand in my garden. Its not hard to understand why.

Sensing the angry  spirit’s presence felt like having an invisible child or bees buzz around me. It is the only way I can describe it. Spirits are energy and energy is not only real yet universal. Energy is real. As I type with a purring guinea pig on my lap, hot tea and a glowing candle nearby, I am reminded that energy is real.

Fear the living, not the dead.

Blessings, Lady Spiderwitch )O(


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