Mount Olivet cemetery Part 2







Merry meet all,

The harvest season is upon us. Before we know it, summer will give way to the cool crisp days of autumn. I returned to Mount Olivet cemetery today. I explored the other far side of the cemetery. I prefer the side of the cemetery close to the road. I am more familiar with that side.

I like the energy better there. I am very sensitive to energies. It feels very open for a cemetery. You would think it would look or seem shrouded in mists, bony trees and there’d be more crumbling ruins. The cemetery is open and has a feel like you were walking through a park.

Crows flew through the cemetery or perched on tombs. I paused in my step when I saw a crow resting on a tomb marker. He didn’t seem bothered by my presence at all. He flew over to a tree. I respect and fear crows. They warned me of a death in the past. I believe crows can sense if a witch is near or around them. They can remember a person. I’ve lived in my neighborhood for eight years. I am sure they know me by now. I will offer them bird seed.

As I walked through the whole cemetery, it hit me how vast the cemetery was. It also hit me just how many of the dead inhabit the cemetery. I approached a tree where I found a clean mussel shell and some heavy white rocks. A seagull was hungry in the past.

I hope to try the exercises from Michelle Belanger’s book Walking the Twilight Path soon. She has a book about becoming more familiar with death and cemeteries. I suspect I have to try the exercises under cover of night to avoid suspicion from ‘muggles’. But it is still July. I see July as a month of uninhibited fun and time to take time of from death and cemeteries. August ushers in the season of the harvest. I will begin her exercises in the autumn once it begins.

I am partial to donning cloaks and long dresses with billowing sleeves. I usually wear black too. I wear black because it attracts spirits and it is a cool color. I feel more alive in black. I like to look like a witch. I have gone to extreme efforts such as sewing lots of my own clothing. I am sure I would get glances parading around a cemetery  in my paraphernalia but honestly I don’t care. I dress for myself not for other people. Life is too short.

I can’t wait to get started on my new project. It’s so awesome that there’s a cemetery so close to where I live. That will make it easier then I can return home on the nature trail, which is also close by. All I need is a journal and an open mind.

A few more books to read if you’re interested in necromancy are Goth Craft by Raven Digitalis, Summoning Spirits and Nocturnal Witchcraft by Konstantinos, Spirit Conjuring for Witches by Barrabas, and The Witches Book of the Dead by Day. If you read all these books, you will have a more rounded amount of knowledge about honoring the dead. I would highly recommend that. You have to be careful.

There are other books available on the subject. I am suggesting these titles because I have already read them and enjoy them.

I now know how to cast off energy once I exit the cemetery that I don’t own. People should familiarize themselves with centering, grounding and shielding their energy. Then you can discard what you don’t want in your aura more effectively.

I have a new reason to anticipate autumn’s arrival. Blessings

Lady Spiderwitch





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