Thrifty Shopping for Samhain )O(


Merry meet all,

Are you spying pumpkins and sunflowers on store shelves yet? The local stores here are now carrying their range of ghoulish and witchy Halloween items. I scored a stunning dress yesterday. Its the perfect time to stock up on items for Samhain. I believe that the best witchy items aren’t found at witchy shops but at thrift shops.

You don’t have to blow the bank to stock up on Samhain provisions. I can’t afford to though I wish I could. Candles, incense and gemstones can be purchased on a budget. While you are shopping, ask yourself if you will use it and if you really need it. Buy something that has more than one purpose. A gown that you will wear once shouldn’t be bought at full price. The Halloween trinket that looks cool now may end up collecting dust on a shelf. Think hard about your purchases. I have spider stickers on my walls but I left them up all year. If I ever took them down, I would store them in a bag or folder for future use.

If you want to buy pumpkins, again think about how you will use it. Pumpkins are good in soups, bread and of course, roasted seeds. Use small pumpkins for cooking and the large ones for decorating. Soak the pumpkin in bleach water and it will last longer, giving you more bang for your buck. Save some seeds to sprout for next year’s pumpkin patch.

Here are some ideas for you to save on money and witch up your pad: Corn cobs with black kernels can hang on a side of a kitchen cabinet all year. Paint a small plant pot black. You may need to add a few coats of paint. Store the graveyard dirt in the now transformed urn. It is so cheap and such a cool way to decorate for Samhain. I leave my ‘urn’ out all year. I taped black cardboard bats to my walls and left them up. Hang braided garlic up for protection in your kitchen.

Buy candles and candlesticks at thrift shops. You can program your intentions into the candle once you get home. If you are bolder to make your own, and you’re like  me, create your candle making tools over time. Do not buy it all at once. But don’t be discouraged from making your own candles either. It is fun and rewarding once you know how to. I love it. I just need to invest in some fancy candle molds.

 I hope this was helpful. Have a wonderful autumn season,

Blessed be, Lady Spiderwitch )O(

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