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“Friendly Neighborhood Spooky Cemetery” By Heddy Johannesen

Source: “Friendly Neighborhood Spooky Cemetery” By Heddy Johannesen

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Merry meet all,

Are you all thinking of the perfect costume for that soiree or seance? The store aisles are full of costumes. It is still early while you chow down on candy corn or roasted pumpkin seeds to get a costume. The stores such as Value Village, a thrift store, carries an array of costumes, perfect for whatever strikes your fancy.

I have never worn a plastic costume for as long as I can recall. Samhain is a special time of year so your costume should be too. My Mother was a seamstress and was always sewing a costume at the last minute. I still own the spider web cape. That’s a good thing because that type of fabric is very hard to find. The spider web design on the black chiffon type fabric is hard to see but it is there. I attached the tiny black plastic spiders to the cape. It is still in great shape.

I know my dear readers know I am a seamstress. But if you choose to make your own costume, bear a few points in mind. Start now if you want enough time to make the costume and make any final changes/ repairs to the costume. Don’t go into too much detail of the costume, Do keep it simple. Some of my sewing projects took longer to make than I initially anticipated. Be sure you have all the materials and tools you need plus a friend’s assistance. Stock up on thread and other supplies so you aren’t racing to the fabric store 5 minutes before closing time.

The easiest choice is buy a costume. It may initially cost a lot but sewing is so complicated, the best solution is to buy it. But that doesn’t have to mean going cheap. A great costume at a decent price can still be found. I hope you all find the perfect costume. Don’t think that buying one is not as great as making your own. Sewing a costume is tedious and can result easily in frustration.

If you have costumes left over from your younger days, donate them or give them to someone younger like your  sibling. It is one night and the point of the festive holiday is to have fun. That brings to my next point. Make sure you are comfortable and safe in your costume. Make sure you can see where you are going and flame retardant can be kept in mind too. You should be able to move freely and feel good in it. It couldn’t hurt to check on your sibling’s costumes too. Masks shouldn’t hinder your visibility.  I’d much prefer to stock up on costume makeup than costumes.

The trick with costumes when buying one is asking yourself if you will wear it more than once. That way you get your money out of it. And not to sound vain here but compliments can help you earn your buck with your garment.

Good luck finding  that perfect Chewbacca or Spiderman or Wolfman costume!!

Blessings, Spiderwitch )O(

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Merry meet all,

Samhain creeps closer and closer. This time of year is renowned for the veil becoming thin and spirits roaming the earth. Some of them may even be our ancestors. A special book is on hold for me entitled 199 Cemeteries to See Before You Die by Lorren Rhodes. I can’t wait to read it and learn more about different cemeteries around the world.

Recently I was approached by someone to perform a house cleansing for them. I prepared a kit for the house cleansing last night. I included candles, sage smudge sticks, palo santo, a charcoal disc, resin, an altar cloth, a black cloth, cauldron ash, blood moon oil, a feather, charcoal disc tongs, a skull spoon, a seashell to hold the smudge, a pouch to hold my special recipe of protective salt, a protection potion, a vial of black salt and a vial of garden sage. I also included a brown candle to banish spirits and a purple candle for psychic development as he is quite intuitive.

All of these items have a purpose. I magically empowered them and put my intention in them. My special salt recipe is table salt with ground rosemary and a few drops of clary sage essential oil. I sprinkled blood moon oil  on everything. I stored the salt in vials and small jars. I selected and empowered special gemstones for the house cleansing too.

I created a protective talisman for him. I fashioned a pentacle from clay and dried it in the oven. It will hang from jewelry wire and a small crystal quartz gem hangs from the pentacle. It is empowered with the intention of protection. I empowered it by leaving it on my altar to charge it with energy.

I stirred the salt, clay sage essential oil  and rosemary together with the skull spoon. It is stored in a jar. I shook the jar too to evenly distribute the ingredients. Sage can clear a room of negative energy. Palo santo clears a room of spirits more potently. The feather will be used to wave the smudge around the room.

The rosemary, clary sage and salt mix can be used in a cleansing bath, and to protect the home. I am all prepared to perform the house cleansing. I can’t wait for Friday.

The Horror Writers Association is once again hosting the annual Hallloween Haunts blog event. I am happy to be participating in it again. I shall post more about that later.

If any of my dear readers here are doing séances or cleansing their own homes of unwanted energies. consider using the same tools I listed above to aid you. Good luck to you all and have a magickal fall season. 

Blessings, Spiderwitch )O(




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Merry meet all,

October has come with magick and the changing of the seasons. Pumpkins fill store shelves and bask on decks of houses. Today the sky is overcast, birds fly to my feeder and leaves fall to the earth.

I bought a cool skull ornament from Pier 1 imports. I bought the last one the store carried. It is decorated with jewels and there is a pearl in the eye. I named her Tiamat. I also found a cool dark black spiderweb fabric tablecloth. I love spiders so finding that was a definite bonus. I won’t decorate my house too much for Samhain because it looks like that all year in here.

I bought the skull because I like them, I’m not scared by them and I am drawn to the morbid and macabre. Or I wouldn’t be writing this blog. Today I am having a nice dinner with my Mom for Thanksgiving. I can’t wait to dine on some good home cooked food. I think I will get some herbs for the garden. My garden is dying back for winter.

Skulls symbolize death and to me, something eternal. They scare people because they remind them of their mortality. Skulls adorn cathedrals and catacombs. They are popular for their cool appearance.

I hope you all find a cool object to help you celebrate Samhain this month. The stores are now all full of decorations.

My blog post for the Horror Writers Association about cemeteries is scheduled for October 25th. I will be promoting and posting it here when the time comes.

Blessed Be, Lady Spiderwitch )O(


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